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The toughest case for the iPhone X

We've challenged the top case makers to a drop-off to see which one can protect the iPhone X from the highest drop.

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Phones may be getting smarter, but they don't seem to be getting a lot tougher, especially the ones with glass backs. Last year, that included some of the top flagship phones from LG, Samsung and Apple.

And if you saw our most recent iPhone X drop test, you'll know that a case is a must. But not all cases are made equal, so we wanted to find out which one is the toughest.

We've challenged the top case makers to each drop a brand-new iPhone X in its most-protective case to find out which enables the phone to survive the highest drop.

Join us live at CNET's stage at CES at 1 p.m. PT Wednesday, Jan. 10. We'll also be online at CNET.com and on our CNET YouTube channel.