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Soothe, the 'Uber for massage,' wants to bring pampering straight to your door

Soothe is a startup company that is not only focused on massages, but on massages that come straight to your door.

Why it matters to you

Who says you need to go to the spa for a massage? Just have the spa come to you.

If you’re really looking to treat yourself, that treatment ought to come to you, right? After all, what says luxury more than not having to move a muscle? If any company understands that mentality, it’s Soothe. The startup is not only focused on massages, but more importantly, on massages that come to you. So just sit back, relax, and answer your door when the time comes for your pampering.

The on-demand massage service comes, as all things do, in the form of an app (available for both Android and iOS). Simply grab your smartphone and get a five-star massage sent straight to you — whether it’s at home, a hotel, or even your office, all in as little as an hour. Soothe promises to match your request with a vetted and certified massage therapist, who will bring a massage table, fresh linens, lotions, oils, and yes, even the music to turn your home into a spa.

As it stands, you can select from a menu of four massage varietals — deep tissue, sports, prenatal, and Swedish. All styles of massage are also offered in couples format; you can either have two massage therapists come to you and your partner for a simultaneous experience, or have one therapist perform two massages back-to-back. As for selecting your masseuse, while you’ll have the ability to specify whether you’d prefer a male or female therapist, you won’t be able to pick an actual person.

But rest assured, Soothe takes great care to vet its network carefully. All therapists must pass an in-person interview, and secure a government-sponsored certification. Plus, your therapist will have completed at least 500 hours of practical training (though depending on what state you’re in, this number may be as high as 1,000).

If you’re particularly fond of a particular masseuse, Soothe does give you the option of rebooking with the same person. However, there’s no guarantee that he or she will be available at your specified time, so you’ll have to be strategic about your booking.

As it stands, Soothe is active across 53 cities in the U.S., U.K., and Canada, and the company notes that it’s always expanding. Prices start at $109 for an hour of pampering.

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