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Rambo’s electric bikes are built for rugged backcountry adventures

Rambo ebikes are built for use in the backcountry where their rugged frames and fat tires can virtually roll over anything thrown at them.

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Built like tanks and offering excellent component sets, the ebikes from Rambo are tough enough for use in just about any backcountry environment.

As ebikes continue to evolve, we are seeing them become much more specialized too. While some companies have focused squarely on the commuter market, others have branched off in new directions. For instance, Rambo Bikes builds a line of fat tire ebikes that are specifically designed for use in rugged environments where most other models would fear to tread. These two-wheeled beasts are built to chew up the rowdiest of terrain, although they are also comfortable on the beach or a well-worn trail as well.

Rambo first got into the ebike business by introducing its original R750 model. That bike remains in the lineup and is available in both basic black and camo colors. This year, the Rambo catalog expanded with the addition of the new top-of-the-line R1000XP Extreme model and an entry-level version dubbed the R500 as well. The company also offers the new R350JR model for younger riders as well.

The component sets for each bike varies significantly, as does the performance of their electric motors. For instance, the R1000XP features a top speed of 26 mph and a range of 25 miles without any pedaling whatsoever. That range can be extended further if the rider pedals, of course, and the drive will offer assistance over rough terrain. Performance does not deteriorate much with the R500 however as that bike can still reach speeds of up to 19 mph and has a range of about 19 miles as well.

No matter which version of these ebikes you select, they all come equipped with the Rambo Intelligent Power Control system. Activated using the bike’s integrated LCD screen, the system allows riders to choose from one of nine different power settings to determine how much pedal assist the motor provides. The lower the setting, the less help the rider gets from the bike. Turn the drive off altogether to save battery life and get a real workout, or alternatively engage the thumb-controlled throttle to zip along without pedaling at all.

Rambo’s rough-and-tumble electric fat bikes come with competitive prices as well. The original R750 model costs $2,995, while the new 350JR is priced at $1,499. The prices for the R1000XP and R500 have not been released yet, but expect them to fall somewhere above and below the R750, respectively.

If you have been looking for an ebike that can survive all of your outdoor adventures, Rambo probably has you covered. Its bikes are built like tanks, designed to roll over anything in their path, and offer solid performance both on and off the trail. For those who prefer to do all the pedaling on their own, Rambo offers traditional fat-bike models as well.  Find out more at rambobikes.com.

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