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Nintendo Switch Online App Updated, Now Works While Your Phone Is in Sleep Mode

As well as when other apps are opened.

Nintendo has released an update for the Nintendo Switch Online app, allowing users to continue to use voice chat on their phone when the device is in sleep mode.

As outlined on Nintendo's online support site, update version 1.1.0 also allows voice chat to continue to function when other apps are opened, except for apps that use the microphone or have audio output. For Android users, the update also improves Bluetooth support.

It's also worth noting that those using the power-saving feature on Android 6.0 or later may lose voice chat functionality when the device goes into sleep mode. To solve this issue, users will have to deactivate the battery optimization option in the phone's settings.

The Nintendo Switch Online app was released last month, allowing users to set up game appointments, chat with friends during online matches, and access special game-specific services like Splatoon 2's SplatNet 2.

For a full rundown on what Nintendo's online mobile app can and cannot do, check out IGN's handy Switch Online app FAQ.

Alex Osborn is a freelance writer for IGN. Find him on Twitter at @alexcosborn.