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Mercedes-AMG 'Project One' hypercar — a road-legal F1 car, in pictures

The Mercedes-AMG 'Project One' hypercar has been revealed ahead of the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. It's undoubtedly one of the most hotly-anticipated models of the event, and by far the most interesting thing that the German brands have brought to the table.

Based on a F1 hybrid powertrain, the Project One has a projected power output of 1,000bhp and a top speed of over 217mph. It'll apparently reach 124mph in under six seconds. The price? Over £2m. Read on to see more pictures, or click here for more information. 


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These publicity photos are more flattering, but also clearer - photos taken at launch events are never particularly easy to look at. 

The Project One is clearly reminiscent of a range of well-known supercars, including the legendary McLaren F1. 

That rear fin is almost comedic in its proportions but we don't doubt that it has some function...

Viewed from the top, the Project One hypercar just gets plain weird. It's unlike a conventional car - it has three wheels, but this is clearly a somewhat different beast beneath. 

This immensely un-subtle image has been used to hammer home the point that the Project One is, indeed, based on F1 technology.

But this is fundamentally a road car. It's been designed for use on the public highway, and even has a 25km electric-only range. 

The interior is odd, to say the least, especially in that it doesn't appear to have any seats.

Instead, you basically sit on the floor. A sculpted floor, but a floor nonetheless. 

We haven't driven the Project One. At 1,000bhp it's a very powerful machine, comparable to only the very top of the supercar tree.

For more information on this rather impressive machine, please click here. 

The rear of this car is probably the daftest angle from which it can be viewed. Due to the immense power output, this is the part of the car you'll see most of...

It was unveiled just ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show at a special pre-event doo. Under the unforgiving lights of the presentation, it still looks swish. 

There are some slight Batman vibes, both in its appearance and its film-prop finish. That Merc badge is a sticker, by the looks of it. 

It's not the most subtle car in the world, but that certainly makes it stand out among the myriad SUVs that will dominate the Frankfurt this year. 

The car was driven onto the stage by F1 star Lewis Hamilton, who has given 'Project One' his approval.