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How to Watch Overwatch League Preseason Matches

Preseason matches run through Saturday, December 9.

Preseason matches for the first Overwatch League are now underway, and there are a few different ways to tune in.

As previously reported, all League matches will be streamed via the homepage of the Overwatch League website. This is the best place to watch, as the stream is paired with a live scoreboard that also lists the maps for each round.

You can also watch matches directly on MLG. The stream is the same, but the MLG version allows you to swap between English, French and Korean commentary. It also has a live chat, if you're looking to cheer from home.

Here's a rundown of completed and upcoming preseason matches. Note that Friday and Saturday's matches will be determined by the results of the preceding matches, and this is all in Pacific time.

Wednesday, December 6

Florida Mayhem v. San Francisco Shock: San Francisco wins 3 - 1Los Angeles Valiant vs. San Francisco Shock: Los Angeles wins 3 - 2Seoul Dynasty v. Shanghai Dragons: Seoul wins 4 - 0

Thursday, December 7

Los Angeles Gladiators v. London Spitfire: Los Angeles wins 3 - 2Dallas Fuel v. Houston Outlaws: 4 p.m. PacificNew York Excelsior v. Boston Uprising: 5 p.m. Pacific

Friday, December 8

San Francisco Shock v. TBD: 4 p.m. PacificSeoul Dynasty v. TBD: 6 p.m. PacificShanghai Dragons v. TBD: 8 p.m. Pacific

Saturday, December 9

Los Angeles Valiant v. TBD: 11 a.m. PacificFlorida Mayhem v. TBD: 1 p.m. PacificSeoul Dynasty v. TBD: 3 p.m. Pacific

The full League schedule is available on the League site. You can learn more about the League's structure in our full breakdown. And if you tune in, you're bound to notice the improvements Blizzard has made to the Overwatch spectating experience.

Austin Wood is a freelancer for IGN.