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Frankfurt Motor Show 2017: the best new production cars, in pictures 

The 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show began yesterday, and we're now half way through the second press preview day. By the time doors open to the wider public tomorrow, pretty much all of the launches and product 'reveals' will have taken place.

The Frankfurt Motor Show is the biggest event of its type in the world, and is an opportunity for European car manufacturers to present their new vehicles, product strategies and ideas. It's also a chance for brands from around the world to introduce their upcoming models to the European market.

Some cars, like the 2018 Bentley Continental GT seen here, we've known about for months. Others, like some of the wacker concepts, are total surprises.

We'll be adding to this gallery as the show starts and new models are unveiled. For information on the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, please click here.

The new Bentley Continental GT is one of the hot models everyone was looking forward to. You can read about it in more detail here. 


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The interior is an opulent, relatively tasteful place. That central screen rotates, meaning that it can be entirely covered in a wooden sheath when not in use. For more information on the new Continental GT, please click here. 

The Jaguar E-Pace is another massively popular British launch. Set to become the younger sibling to the bestselling F-Pace, this compact SUV will go on sale next year. 

The Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster is one of the quickest convertibles ever. Quite why you'd want to go this fast with the roof down, we don't know. 

Costing a quarter of a million quid, this Lambo comes with a 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12, which produces 730bhp. The retractable roof adds around 50kg compared to the hard top model, so the 0-62mph time increases to 3.0 seconds. Yawn.

Hyundai is doing something pretty new here - it's the i30N, and we think it's the first proper Korean hot hatch. 

The Rexton is the latest model from South Korean brand SsangYong, makers of the Tivoli. It's not the most popular manufacturer in the UK but the Rexton is keenly priced and offers several key practical advantages over some rivals. 

Clearly a large SUV, SsangYong's new Rexton will be aimed at a wider market than the brand's previous models, which have tended to be slightly agricultural machines.

The Hyundai Kona is another new Korean entrant that we expect to become very popular in the UK - B-segment SUVs are selling like hot kimchi. 

The Volkswagen T-Roc is probably the most interesting new German car, with the possible exception of a certain supercar and some less production-ready concepts. 

Here it is again, this time in a fetching blue and white paint job. Please accept our apologies for the state of some of these photographs; it's very difficult to take high-quality pictures in these oddly-lit spaces.

Occupying a similar space in the market is this, the Kia Stonic. It's a small SUV, one of Korea's two B-segment crossover cars set to compete with the Nissan Juke and other popular rivals.

The Kia Stonic has a slightly clumsy name but it looks as smart as anything else in its segment. It will probably come with Kia's industry-leading seven-year warranty, which is one its key selling points.

The new BMW M5 is a phenomenal piece of kit. It has around 600bhp and a 0-62mph of 3.4 seconds, but more importantly it has four doors and usable rear seats.

This is the first time such a model has come with all-wheel-drive.

The Arona is a terrific entrant to Seat's line-up. Its Ateca has been quite popular, and we adore the new Ibiza supermini. We're expecting big things from this SUV.

Based on one of Volkswagen's modular MQB platforms, the Arona shares its mechanicals with other models across the VW Group. 

The new Mercedes S-Class is really just a facelift but it will likely retain its position near the top of the automotive tree.

This is the Porsche 911 GT3 Touring, a new addition to the 911 family. It's a bit less raucous than the GT3 and GT3 RS.

Volkswagen has launched its new Polo GTI, which will be one of the most exciting small cars at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show. The new Polo is a brilliant car, and we anticipate the 'hot hatch' version to be an attractive choice.