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Chicharito sends message To ESPN's Sergio Dipp

Chicharito says that he supports and admires Sergio Dipp after his Monday Night Football debut.

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  • Chicharito Sends Message of Support To ESPN's Sergio Dipp After Monday Night Football Debut

    Chicharito says that he supports and admires Sergio Dipp after his Monday Night Football debut.

    Mexican soccer star Chicharito sent a message of support to ESPN's Sergio Dipp after the young sideline reporter made his Monday Night Football debut and went viral.

    Dipp has been working at ESPN since 2013 with most of his work with ESPN Deportes.

    He took his newfound fame in stride by posting a photo on social media of a screenshot with the Google search for "How to deal with fame." He also posted a video in which he said that he hopes to have another chance on Monday Night Football.

    Here's what Chicarito wrote to Dipp. A translated version of the message can be found below:

    Eres un chingon @SergioADippW pic.twitter.com/SFIbCgTnKR

    — Chicharito Hernandez (@CH14_) September 12, 2017

    "I love you, respect you, but mainly I really admire you, brother!

    May no one or nothing measure or label your happiness, your enjoyment or your dreams. Remember, we are better people when we rejoice from everything that happens to us.

    Me, on the pitch, and you in front of the camera with a microphone, making our dreams come true and being happy. That’s why we’re here in this world.

    Who would not want to be or live at least one second of what we have already gone through until now? And what’s left to come, my brother. What’s left for us in this life.

    Thank God we have 29 years old! And thank God, to us, our families, friends and those who are always with us, we have been able to go much further than we ever dreamed of.

    What pride that you let me be your friend. And how much we should learn from you.

    Your boy."