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The No. 8 Toyota takes the overall win

FIA World Endurance Championship: The No. 8 Toyota piloted by Sébastien Buemi takes home the overall win at at the 6 Hours of Bahrain.

Nov 20, 2017 at 3:20p ET


FIA World Endurance Championship: The No. 8 Toyota piloted by Sébastien Buemi takes home the overall win at at the 6 Hours of Bahrain.

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ANNOUNCER 1: This is the leading car, Sebastien Buemi. Not quite get across the line at 0 hours, but it's going to be such a tight finish between the two of them because, as Allan McNish knows as well as anybody, Audi have taken 17 victories in the world endurance championship.

Porsche have taken 17 victories. Toyota 16 today. How close did the regulatory guys get it that those three manufacturers should be so close in overall victories? It's the last laps starting here today Allen, the last lap of 2017. What a heroic drive by Bruno Senna. Wow.

ANNOUNCER 2: Absolutely stunning drive by, to be honest with you, all the winners and deserved winners, not only of the race, but also of their respective championships-- Bruno Senna there, coming through. He stabilized the gap to Ollie Jarvis. And the last 5.4 kilometers for him are going to be ones that he will enjoy, but also for these guys who have done a very good job towards the end of the season to control the gaps and win in the GTE-Pro.

ANNOUNCER 1: The fifth outright victory for Toyota in the 2017 season. They've got half a lap to go as they come down the middle section of this the Bahraini race track. The heartbreak of Le Mans is surely still in the back of their minds. But they know they've got the pace. They've proved the pace in the latter part of this season.

They've brought parts forward from Japan, from Germany where their base is, and the drivers have never wavered with their speed and commitment around the world circuits. In Japan, in China, and here in Bahrain, they have pushed course every yard of the way, as it is going to be the last corner for the Toyota. It exits the last corner of round 9 of the 2017 World Endurance championships-- Sebastien Buemi, Davidson and Nakajima, Toyota victorious here in Bahrain.

And for the GTE-Am category, it is the Aston Martin that wins. It is Pedro Lamy, Paul Dalla Lana holds the board out, and Austrian Mathias Lauda who take the World Endurance Championship for the drivers.

Here is Ferrari. They are going to win in GTE-Pro. It is Sam Bird who takes the victory in the race. But it is James Calado and Alessandro Pier Guidi who are world champions in the GTE-Pro category. An Italian and a British driver winning the brand new championship.

And it's Bruno Senna who crosses the line to take the LMP2 Drivers Championship, together with his teammate, the Frenchman, Julien Canal. They struggled in the last hour without power steering, but Bruno Senna valiantly got the car to the finish line. What drama.

Ollie Jarvis, in the number 38 Jackie Chan car, only 11 seconds back of a chance of the championship. That is how close it was after nine races in the World Endurance Championship.