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Skip: Patriots loss vs Chiefs was as shocking as anything I've ever seen in the NFL (VIDEO)

Skip Bayless reacts to the shocking Kansas City Chiefs upset win over the New England Patriots, describing how Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Patriots gave up the most points and yards in the Belichick era.

- What I witnessed last night by TV was as shocking as just about anything I've ever witnessed in all my years of covering, as you point out, the National Football League, going back into the mid 1970s. It was almost as stunning as what I witnessed in the fourth quarter in overtime of the past Super Bowl against the Atlanta Falcons. Because in the fourth quarter last night the New England Patriots turned into the Super Bowl Falcons. It took me a while, I had to sleep on it to process what I had just seen, because I couldn't believe what I just saw.

But do you realize, at home, New England got outscored in the fourth quarter, 21 to nothing? Do you realize that, at home, in Tom Brady's career, when he went into the fourth quarter with a lead he was 105 and 0, and 0! Think about that, 105 times, Tom Brady at home, has lead going into the fourth. Not one time had he lost that football game with that lead until that happened last night. And it wasn't even close, it was 21 to nothing. They were ahead 27 to 21, going to the fourth.

And I'm going to stick by this throughout the show today. There were points, in the first quarter and in the second quarter, I thought that New England was going to blow out Kansas City, and I'll bet you did too.


- Wasn't it teetering on a blowout, teetering on a blowout? And then all the sudden it teetered the other way in the third quarter. But I still thought-- because there were flashes and flourishes of Tom Brady in the third quarter, deep ball to Brandin Cooks that was spectacular-- you say, oh, there they are. Oh, OK, they got it now, they're OK. 27 to 21.

And the ceiling-- that doesn't cover that stadium-- fell in on the New England Patriots in the fourth quarter, because the yards in the fourth quarter were Kansas City, 231 yards, just in the fourth quarter, to a grand total of 31 for New England. Is that not the flip side of the Super Bowl, right?


- Tom Brady, in the fourth quarter, went 3 out of 10 for 15 yards in the fourth quarter. Tom Brady, who I told you, played the two greatest fourth quarter/overtimes against Seattle, then Atlanta, in the two of the last three Super Bowls. Those are the two greatest I've ever seen, it's not even close. Because he destroyed the Legion of Boom, and them he picked to pieces an Atlanta defense in the Super Bowl, that everybody said, it's the hottest defense in pro football.

And last night the script flipped, because they had no chance in the fourth quarter, and they gave up gains of 78, and then 58, and then 25, and 21. Those are four of the plays that happened, just in the fourth quarter against a Bill Belichick defense, that had lost.

Dont'a Hightower, a star of the Super Bowl, a game changer in the Super Bowl. And he went out, mid-third quarter, and all of a sudden I'm saying, wait a minute, who's that guy, who's 55? Some guy named Cassius Marsh that they just traded for from Seattle, a backup pass rusher for the Seahawks. Suddenly, he was like a focal point of every play. And he winds up on Kareem Hunt, trying to chase him down the field, 78-yard touchdown. Wow! That was the game turner, wasn't it?

- Yes.

- And then he breaks off, sort of like C.J. Anderson did in that snow game--

- got the edge

- --got to the edge, and whammo, he's gone for-- he didn't make it all the way-- but at 58 yards. These are happening, only in the fourth quarter, to Bill Belichick's defense at home.


- Well clearly, what also had happened? I didn't know Malcolm Mitchell-- I thought he was just babying his knee through the preseason-- he went on IR before the game. OK, so you're down that guy. Then we both agree, Gronk just didn't look like Gronk--

SHANNON SHARPE: No he didn't.

- And then, wait a second, Amendola is in concussion protocol, in place of Edelman who's gone for the year. And all of the sudden you're saying, wait, there's no Dont'a Hightower. And they started looking, dare I say, mortal. And then the offensive line that had been really stellar against a stout Kansas City-- listen, that front four, with those two guys coming off the edge, hey, did Justin Houston not look like Justin Houston last night?