Shannon Sharpe: Here's what fans complaining about Cavs-Warriors dominance are forgetting

'Undisputed' on undefeated: The guys debate whether the Cavaliers and Warriors' 19-0 start to the playoffs is bad for the NBA.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors are a combined 19-0 in the playoffs and appear destined to meet in the NBA Finals for the third straight year.

But is that a good thing? There has been less competitive basketball this postseason, and there's no sign of that changing so far in the conference finals. Does that make more fans want to tune out?

On Friday, the panel on 'Undisputed' debated whether the Cavaliers and Warriors' dominance is bad for the NBA.

Rob Parker

This is 'terrible for the NBA'

"For the average NBA fan around NBA America, this is awful. The first time ever in the history of the league, the same two teams will meet in the NBA Finals (three straight seasons) ... and this league's been around (70 years).

"... These two teams right now in the playoffs: 19-0 against the opponents. There's no push-back, no resistance. It's bad for the league."

Rob Parker

It's a cakewalk to the Finals

"LeBron has manipulated the game ... and that's why we are where we are. His dominance is easy because he maneuvered and moved people out of the way. 

"It's just like Golden State. I'm telling you, they don't need Kevin Durant. They got Kevin Durant for one reason: Let's get him out of the way to make a clearer path to the championship."

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Shannon Sharpe

Here's what you're forgetting

"A lot of people say the golden era was the 1980s because they had Bird, they had Magic. In the 1980s, Larry Bird (or) Magic Johnson played in every NBA Finals.

"And in the 2000s ... the Lakers (or) Spurs played in (all but one) NBA Finals.

"Oh. My. Goodness. Nobody said 'That dominance is bad!' "

NBAE/Getty Images Andrew D. Bernstein

Rob Parker

Other teams could compete for a championship

"There were other teams in the mix, and that's what you're leaving out. ...

"The Pistons, with no stars, Skip — you know this! — (in) 2004 beat the Lakers with Shaq and Kobe, who had already won three championships in a row. That was a shocker. That will never happen again. Not in this NBA we're in."

NBAE NBAE/Getty Images

Shannon Sharpe

Don't focus on the exception to the rule

"You're talking about the one upset. But the fact of the matter is, the Lakers and the Spurs from the West represented the Western Conference in (almost) every Finals for the entire decade."

NBAE/Getty Images Noah Graham

Rob Parker

Fans are tuning out

"We talk about TV ratings all the time, which gives you a feel on where people are. Across the board on regional television ... 15 percent decrease in ratings; on the national broadcasts, TNT and ESPN, 8 percent loss, OK? Because yes, you're right, there was a couple of stories, but a lot of people are watching bad basketball — in New York, in Brooklyn. I could go all over the country. ...

"We need to fix the NBA."