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How to de-ice your windscreen without using chemicals – and it's super fast

The temperatures have dropped, snow is falling around Britain, and we need to de-ice our windscreens

If you happen to be disinclined to trust weather reporters, perhaps one named Ken Weathers (!) will change your mind.

Also, Ken isn't predicting snow or storms or anything else. He's just telling you de-ice your car windscreen, which is something you're just going to have to come to terms with now that it's Very Cold.

You might already have a solution. Hey, you might already know this one. But if not, it's going to make you happy – as it works wonderfully well, takes little time, and is environmentally friendly, too.

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Ken (Weathers, remember), works at Kate ABC News in Knoxville, Tennessee. He's shared his tip for getting rid of ice and frost from the windshield of motors.

Ken takes two parts rubbing alcohol (ethanol) and one part water, then mixes the two in a spray bottle.

That's it – so simple! Ken's also made a handy video to explain a little further.