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Hot Clicks: Did O.J. Simpson have accomplice in murders?

Why is Fox running this 12-year-old O.J. Simpson interview?

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  • Friday's Hot Clicks: Did O.J. Simpson Have an Accomplice in 1994 Murders (If He Did It, Of Course)?

    Why is Fox running this 12-year-old O.J. Simpson interview?

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    Did O.J. have an accomplice?

    Fox will finally air its 2006 interview with O.J. Simpson about the Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson murders in which Simpson details how he would've executed the murders if he was the one who did it. The biggest revelation is that it appears Simpson had an accomplice the whole time (if he was the one to murder them, of course). The interview airs March 11. Set your DVR. 

    Today in really bad fan tattoos

    This Redskins fan meant well but his new tattoo does not quite capture the essence of the team logo. I want to create a photo gallery of bad fan tattoos so if you or any of your friends have one, please email andy_gray@simail.com.

    20 highest paid college basketball coaches

    Ohio State coach Chris Holtmann ($7.15 million/year) has a good agent.

    SI Swimsuit 2014: Lauren Mellor

    Walter Iooss Jr.

    Walter Iooss Jr.

    Walter Iooss Jr.

    Walter Iooss Jr.

    Walter Iooss Jr.

    Walter Iooss Jr.

    Walter Iooss Jr.

    Walter Iooss Jr.

    Walter Iooss Jr.

    Walter Iooss Jr.

    Walter Iooss Jr.

    Walter Iooss Jr.

    Walter Iooss Jr.

    Walter Iooss Jr.

    Walter Iooss Jr.

    1 of 15

    I know I've been posting a bunch of SI Swimsuit models in this space and starting Monday, we'll go back to the normal slate of LLODs. With that in mind, meet Lauren Mellor (click for full-size gallery). 

    Good news for World Cup fans who like their drugs

    Marijuana, cocaine and heroin will be allowed in stadiums.

    Interesting strategy

    A Minnesota high school girls basketball team went with the old "there's no shot clock, let's hold the ball the whole time" strategy. They lost 17-4.


    A New Jersey native was partying at West Virginia and decided to take an Uber back to where he was staying in Morgantown. He passed out in the Uber and woke up in New Jersey.

    Top GMs in NHL history

    The @PredsNHL win tonight over EDM gave their general manager a milestone win in his career- one that puts him tops among all GMs in NHL history pic.twitter.com/FnyfW5b7IP

    — StatsCentre (@StatsCentre) March 2, 2018

    Rental cars can be dangerous

    Thank you @Budget (LIT) for your great service of putting my reputation, freedom and quite possibly my life in jeopardy I’ve unknowingly been driving your car around the last 4 days with a F’N LOADED GUN in the Glove compartment!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 pic.twitter.com/NZj7GmtA8V

    — Shelton J. Benjamin (@Sheltyb803) February 7, 2018

    Better safe than sorry

    The Rockets made sure there were no incidents this time... pic.twitter.com/HtbFJCGUCP

    — Ramona Shelburne (@ramonashelburne) March 1, 2018

    Odds & Ends

    Flo Meiler is my new favorite 83-year-old pole vaulter ... Stephen Curry trashed his hotel room by playing indoor golf ... J.J. Watt will not stand for a fake J.J. Watt signature football being auctioned off for charity ... Notable NFL Wonderlic Scores throughout the years ... Ric Flair appears in a new hip-hop video and the song is super catchy and stuck in my head ... Breaking down the 2018 NHL Stadium Series jerseys ... Who is baseball's ultimate catcher? ... J.R. Smith did not take getting benched very well ... I used to have such a crush on WWE's Sunny. Things have changed ... It's the final day to vote for the 2018 Model Search. Let your voice be heard!

    Have you seen Crossover TV yet?

    Two of my favorite people in the SI office - Matt Dollinger and Rohan Nardkani - have a weekly NBA show. It's really good. Watch the preview below and if you like what you see, subscribe to SI TV on Amazon (just $4.99/month) and watch all of our original programming, documentaries and classic sports movies. Start your free seven-day trial now!

    Can't stop watching this

    Still amazed @KingJames pic.twitter.com/qlHCJCUvvp

    — The Crossover (@TheCrossover) March 2, 2018

    Get the tissues

    Coaches surprised Norbertas Giga with his mother who hasn't seen him since he left Lithuania to play college basketball in 2013. (via JSUGamecocks/Twitter)

    A post shared by House of Highlights (@houseofhighlights) on Feb 28, 2018 at 7:06pm PST

    Shut the F up

    ORIGINAL TJ HAWS TRIBUTE VIDEO pic.twitter.com/cfhFfbJCX2

    — Badsoup (@_badsoup_) March 1, 2018

    Kenan Thompson channels LaVar Ball

    "Never Lost!"

    LaVar Ball joins the #InsidetheNBA crew at @nbcsnl 😂 pic.twitter.com/gEusxHtG78

    — NBA on TNT (@NBAonTNT) March 2, 2018

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