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Formula 1 testing - Vettel sets fastest time so far in testing

Posted at 17:48 8 Mar

Right, that's it from me on a busy day of testing, but a good day of testing. Certainly for Ferrari and McLaren.

What will tomorrow bring? Join us again from 08:00 GMT.

Cheers for your company (and offers of cake and ham) and I'll see you later!

Posted at 17:26 8 Mar

Most laps

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Posted at 17:23 8 Mar

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Kayleigh: Woohoo! The power of positive thinking! Decent days running for McLaren.

Joanna Harran: Woo hoo. Not a bad day after all for @McLarenF1

Posted at 17:19 8 Mar

Good times ahead?

McLaren completed 151 laps in the end.

That's the most they have done on a single pre-season test day in the V6 hyrbid era.

Posted at 17:12 8 Mar

5 live season preview TONIGHT 20:30 GMT

BBC Radio 5 live

We're almost done for the day here but there's plenty of F1 goodness to come tonight because the BBC Radio 5 live season preview show is on from 20:30 GMT.

Listen to interviews with Toto Wolff and Christian Horner while guests Jolyon Palmer and Andrew Benson join Jennie Gow in looking ahead to the coming year.

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Posted at 17:09 8 Mar

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Bob McFeil: well done! No red flags and no issues! Meanwhile... 2/3 of 08:00’s wishes are true! Great day for all.

No £1,000 but I'll definitely take the two we got!

Posted at 17:08 8 Mar

Day three times

1 Sebastian Vettel (Ger) Ferrari 1:17.182 ****

2 Kevin Magnussen (Den) Haas-Ferrari 1:18.360 **

3 Pierre Gasly (Fra) Toro Rosso-Honda 1:18.363 ****

4 Nico Hulkenberg (Ger) Renault 1:18.675 ****

5 Carlos Sainz (Spa) Renault 1:18.725 ****

6 Stoffel Vandoorne (Bel) McLaren-Renault 1:18.855 ****

7 Marcus Ericsson (Swe) Sauber-Ferrari 1:19.244 ****

8 Lewis Hamilton (GB) Mercedes 1:19.296 **

9 Valtteri Bottas (Fin) Mercedes 1:19.532

10 Robert Kubica (Pol) Williams-Mercedes 1:19.629 **

11 Sergio Perez (Mex) Force India-Mercedes 1:19.634 ****

12 Max Verstappen (Ned) Red Bull-Renault 1:19.842 *

13 Lance Stroll (Can) Williams-Mercedes 1:20.276 *

**** = time set on hyper-soft tyre; ** = super-soft tyre; * = soft; all others medium

Posted at 17:03 8 Mar

Chequered flag

No late drama as the chequred flag falls. Sebastian Vettel finishes the day quickest with a time of 1:17.182, which he set on the hypersofts.

That's also the quickest time in testing so far.

Posted at 17:02 8 Mar

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Posted at 16:59 8 Mar

ONE minute remaining.

Any last minute stonking laps?

Any last minute breakdowns?

Posted at 16:53 8 Mar

Ten minutes to go and Sebastian Vettel heads in after completing 182 laps for the day. The Ferrari looking very good so far.

Lewis Hamilton is also in the pits with Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz, Stoffel Vandoorne and Marcus Ericsson currently on the track.

Posted at 16:50 8 Mar

Force India's 'flying car'

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Posted at 16:43 8 Mar

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Posted at 16:38 8 Mar

Worldwide scrutiny

Dan Knutson

F1 journalist in Barcelona


The mediacentre here at the circuit is packed. More journalists and photographers are inthe paddock and around the track along with radio and TV crews from all overthe world. In all, there are over 500 accredited members from the mediaattending this test.

In thepast, when there were many tests scattered all over the place with just a fewteams at each, the media turnout was scattered as well.

Now, allthe teams are at the same track, and there are just eight days of preseasontesting.

In thepast, a team could have minor or major problems while testing and they would gounnoticed. Now, the teams are under the spotlight. Fernando Alonso believes,therefore, that McLaren’s current woes are being over scrutinized andcriticized.

“Beforewhen testing was free,” he said, “we would test in between races like beforeMonaco and Canada going to Paul Ricard and doing 20 laps a day and there was nocoverage. Now we have hundreds of media, so every red flag attracts a lot ofattention. But from a team point of view we are more or less okay and there isnothing fundamentally a problem with the car.”

Posted at 16:34 8 Mar

Latest times


Vettel, Hulkenberg, Gasly, Vandoorne, Ericsson, Perez, Sainz - hypersoft

Magnussen, Kubica - supersoft

Verstappen, Stroll - soft

Bottas, Hamilton - medium

Posted at 16:30 8 Mar

Your winners and sinners predictions

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Make your predictions here.

Posted at 16:28 8 Mar

Engage the hypersofts!

Looks like a couple of drivers are going for a late doors hypersoft run.

The Toro Rosso has them on and Pierre Gasly promptly climbs to third with 1:18.363. That's within 0.03s of Kevin Magnussen's time but 1.178s off the pace of the Ferrari.

Posted at 16:24 8 Mar

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Posted at 16:22 8 Mar

A rare improvement on the timing screen as Carlos Sainz goes fourth quickest with 1:18.725. That came on the hypersofts.

Posted at 16:20 8 Mar

Dan Knutson

F1 journalist in Barcelona


Just before his spin, MarcusEricsson was doing a race simulation in the Sauber. He did a “race start” at theend of pit lane after waiting there for a while like he was on the grid waitingfor the red lights to go out.

The crew was monitoring him and the car from the pit wall and the garage, but they were not showing him a pit board.


Posted at 16:13 8 Mar

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Bold prediction fromMick Dayhere.

Feel free to stick your winners and sinners predictions on Twitter and we'll post them in here.

You can make your choices here.

Posted at 16:09 8 Mar

Lewis Hamilton, Stoffel Vandoorne, Carlos Sainz and Lance Stroll are straight out onto the track.

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Posted at 16:07 8 Mar

Latest times


Posted at 16:05 8 Mar

Go! Go! Go!

The Sauber has been recovered so off we go again with 56 minutes left on the clock.

Posted at 16:01 8 Mar

That seems as good a time as any for McLaren to tweet a positive tweet. 117 laps so far for Stoffel Vandoorne and there's an hour to go.

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Posted at 15:57 8 Mar

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Posted at 15:53 8 Mar

Marcus Ericsson has spun at Turn 4.

Rest easy, McLaren fans.

Posted at 15:52 8 Mar

Red flag

I was just about to say I'm impressed we haven't had a single red flag yet...

Posted at 15:50 8 Mar

Lots and lots of miles being covered today by all the drivers. Every team has completed at least 100 laps now, Pierre Gasly up to 150 for the day in the Toro Rosso.

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Posted at 15:43 8 Mar

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Kayleigh: Get in! Stoff with the 100! This positive thinking obviously works #bbcf1#stoff100

Posted at 15:38 8 Mar

Make your winners & sinners predictions

Old rivalries, new faces and some very brightly coloured cars... Formula 1 is back for another season of high drama.

As the teams undertake a second round of tweaks and tinkering in Barcelona, we thought we would get some early predictions in.

It's Sunday 25 November and the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi is bathed in the glow of celebratory fireworks. Or maybe Brazil, or Mexico, and so on...

Wherever the winning podium ends up being, who do you think will be lifting the drivers' and constructors' championship titles?

Make your predictions for this season's best and worst performers here.


Posted at 15:34 8 Mar

100 laps for McLaren

You'll note a quite significant figure in that latest times graphic, with Stoffel Vandoorne surpassing 100 laps for the day.

A much, much better day for McLaren after the last two days.

Posted at 15:30 8 Mar

Latest times


Posted at 15:26 8 Mar

Lewis Hamilton, now on supersofts, leaps from 11th to eighth after a 1:19.575.

Seems like as good a time as any for a rundown of the latest lap times.

Posted at 15:25 8 Mar

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Johnny Rudd: Can you help us mere mortals who are struggling to keep up with testing.... have Mercedes set a lap with the Hypersofts yet? Do we have anything to compare Seb's laptime with?

Mercedes haven't touched the hypersofts and there's speculation that they haven't even brought them with them to Barcelona. Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel's time of 1:17.182 is 1.967s quicker than the time Lewis Hamilton clocked for pole position at last year's Spanish Grand Prix.

Posted at 15:21 8 Mar

And Carlos Sainz climbs even further as a 1:19.621 moves him into eighth.

Posted at 15:18 8 Mar

Getty Images

Carlos Sainz has moved above Lewis Hamilton on the timesheet after a 1:19.882 on softs. He's into P11. Lewis Hamilton, after hitting 50 laps for the afternoon, is back in the pits.

Just Sainz and Stoff on the circuit at the moment.

Posted at 15:15 8 Mar

Although, I didn't expect someone to try and bring me some ham earlier so, you never know.

Posted at 15:14 8 Mar

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Just under two hours left and my hope of a random stranger handing over £1,000 is diminishing by the minute (you had to be here from 08:00 GMT to know what this is all about!)...

Chris Marsh: Oh Gary, Gary Gary... "We may well see the McLaren pass 100 for the day.", Why would you do such a thing? That £1,000 looks like the better of the two options now you've implemented the commentators curse!

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Posted at 15:02 8 Mar

Getty Images

Sebastian Vettel pits on lap 151, bringing to an end his race simulation run.

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton has improved, dipping into the 1:19s with 1:19.945. He stays 11th, however.

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