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Felix Rosenqvist wins the Hong Kong 2 ePrix after Daniel Abt is disqualified

Felix Rosenqvist wins the Hong Kong 2 ePrix

Dec 3, 2017 at 9:10p ET


Felix Rosenqvist wins the Hong Kong 2 ePrix

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ANNOUNCER 1: A failure with the starting lights. They will be starting behind--

ANNOUNCER 2: And here comes the safety car--

ANNOUNCER 1: --the safety car.

ANNOUNCER 2: --weaving its way through the field. He's gone.

ANNOUNCER 1: So the safety car pulls in and Felix Rosenqvist starts the second round of the FIA Formula E Championship as we go green in Hong Kong once again. Through the final corner, out on to Lung Wo Road. Who has got the best start? And who is going to know where to brake? On the rundown towards the first corner, here comes Rosenqvist. He's lost it.

ANNOUNCER 2: He's spun.

ANNOUNCER 1: Rosenqvist spins a turn one. He's bending at Tamar Park and he's dropping right down the order. He collides with Nelson Piquet. And that means Edoardo Mortara is into the lead of the race.

ANNOUNCER 2: And di Grassi. Does di Grassi have damage? There was contact. Locked the rears going into turn one. Jack rose she went and he couldn't go because the field was funneling through.

ANNOUNCER 1: Mortara leads. Abt in second. Here is Rosenqvist side by side with Luca Filippi. And they've come into--

ANNOUNCER 2: He just body checked him at the fence.

ANNOUNCER 1: --contact. And I think Filippe's in trouble. Had such an advantage. He was miles ahead of Mortara.

ANNOUNCER 2: Just-- I don't know what he was thinking. Did he miss his breaking point? But you can see he can't get going here. And now he's seen the gap and he's just driven basically into Nelson Piquet.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, I think Piquet was going up the inside of two cars at the same time. So I don't think that helped matters down at the first corner. Here we go. Onboard with Rosenqvist and watch those rear tires.

ANNOUNCER 2: They go--

ANNOUNCER 1: There. Just to see them stop.

ANNOUNCER 2: Immediately he tried to break really late though.

ANNOUNCER 1: This is a look at Luca Filippe. Rosenqvist was up the inside there.

ANNOUNCER 2: But then he locked the rears.

ANNOUNCER 1: Is Mortara going to fire away? Yes. There he goes. Is he going to go back into the lead of the race? Keeping out of the right hand side, Daniel Abt pops out of the garage now. Pretty slowly, actually, and rejoins the race.

PIT CREW MEMBER: We're absolutely fine. We've maybe got a three seconds gap, and we have done one less lap than the competition. OK? We've got a three second gap. And we've got one less lap than the competition.

ANNOUNCER 1: So that's Edoardo Mortara on the team radio being told he's fine. With 3 seconds in the lead, we got more energy than everyone behind. Happy days. But here's Edoardo Mortara three laps to go in the second round of preliminary championship. Daniel Abt is using his fan boost now.

ANNOUNCER 2: I was going to say Mortara--

ANNOUNCER 1: Mortara locked up.

ANNOUNCER 2: --made the decision for him. Oh.

ANNOUNCER 1: He's off.

ANNOUNCER 2: He spun.

ANNOUNCER 1: Mortara has spun down at Hong Kong Station--

ANNOUNCER 2: Abt is through--

ANNOUNCER 1: When he looked to be in control of the ePrix. And Daniel Abt now is leading the race on his birthday. With just two and a half laps to go, Mortara's thrown it away.

ANNOUNCER 2: How crazy is that? Just as Daniel Abt chooses to use the fan boost to try to close that gap. Maybe he's trying to catch--

ANNOUNCER 1: There we go onboard. Oh. The back end just drifts away at turn one. And he's sitting there trying to get it into gear and trying to fire it up again. And Neel Jani almost comes to join him. And he see all these cars going to pass. A lot of them are a lap down. Kamui Kobayahi, for example, a lap down. But what a disaster for Edoardo Mortara.

ANNOUNCER 2: What a reaction in the Venturi garage.

ANNOUNCER 1: We're onto the last lap of the race then. And there is Daniel Abt, who is on his final tour. What a phenomenal day this will be for the Audi team if he can hold on to take the victory. Bouncing over the curbs, what a superb-- what a crazy race from the leader locking up and spinning at the start, to the lead locking up and spinning at the end.

ANNOUNCER 2: You couldn't script it. From one great story to another, potential rookie victory for Eduardo Mortara and first ever for the Venturi team suddenly goes away. And it's Daniel Abt who is now the headliner seeking his first win on his birthday for Audi.

ANNOUNCER 1: He comes Daniel Abt through the final quarter on his 25th birthday to win an ePrix for the first time in Hong Kong.