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Colin Cowherd praises Joe Girardi after the ALDS (VIDEO)

Colin Cowherd talks Joe Girardi after the New York Yankees beat the Cleveland Indians in the ALDS.

Oct 13, 2017 at 1:33p ET


Colin Cowherd talks Joe Girardi after the New York Yankees beat the Cleveland Indians in the ALDS.

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- What a win for the Yankees. What a win for the Yankees. And the underlying story of this Yankee series win-- they got really good starting pitching. Right? The Yankees trailed though 2-0 Joe Girardi, a good manager, had a really bad night in game 2.

Joe Girardi, though, is tough, and he's dependable, and he's disciplined, and he's fit, and he's got the square jaw, and he's respected, and he went to Northwestern, so he's smart. He is respected and admired by the players. And he had an awful night early in this series. So what did he do as a leader? He apologized to the players after he lost them a game in his eyes. Here he is.

- Well I told the team that, look, I screwed up and you guys have had each other's back the whole year, all right. Just go out and win one game. And they bought in like they have the whole season, and they picked me up. To be able to rally back like that means so much to me, because I had a hole in my heart for about five or six days.

- Leadership is hard to quantify. What is it? If there was a chart and an anatomy of leadership it would have these five qualities: honesty, accountability, experience, trustworthy, and physically, a presence. Sometimes acknowledging, 'yeah, I butchered it.' Being totally accountable and acknowledging a mistake is great leadership.

And you could see, when he did that, this young Yankee team felt less pressure, played loose, was relaxed, the opposite of what the Indians were. Listen, management matters, coaching matters. It always has.

Is Joe Girardi the best in-game manager? I don't think so. I thought he kept CC Sabathia and probably for one batter too long. That's what they call him "Binder Joe" because he's always tied to his binder. But down 0-2 was a crisis. And I've worked for 30 years in this business. And you know when management really matters? It really matters in crisis, and they had one. And the manager was accountable.

It's not always driving the nicest car in the lot. It's not having the best suit. It's not being the loudest in the room. Sometimes great management is acknowledging, I totally screwed up. Girardi did it turned the Yankees around. It helped chemistry, and a great win for a team that was a year away.