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EU president Juncker congratulates Putin on re-election and wishes him 'every success'

European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has wished Vladimir Putin "every success" and congratulated him on his re-election, breaking ranks as other countries call for answers following the Salisbury poisoning. In a letter to the Russian president Mr Juncker said he had always argued that "positive relations between the European Union and the Russian Federation are crucial to the security of our continent". More follows…

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Life - Entertain

Idris Elba on his new sitcom: 'It puts a lens on racism and what it was like in the 80s'

Watching television as he grew up in the East End of London in the 1970s and 80s, the future star of The Wire, Luther and countless Hollywood movies, Idris Elba would have been hard-pressed to find representations of families like his own. That's to say black British. Idrissa, as he was baptised (he shortened it to Idris while at school), was the only child of a father from Sierra Leone and a mother from Ghana, living on the racially diverse Holly Street Estate in Hackney. Such families were all but invisible in the television comedy and drama of the day.

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