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Wife stamps on husband's pregnant mistress with high heels

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Harrowing footage shows a group of women violently beating an alleged mistress in China. One women stamped on the alleged mistress on the belly.

Harrowing footage has emerged showing a group of women violently beating an alleged mistress on a public street of China.

The young women in purple dress claimed she is pregnant while begging the others to stop beating.

However, a women wearing heels can be seen angrily stamping on her stomach and stripping her clothes off.

The mistress is caught by her lover's wife and gets beaten up by at least five women on street (left). She claims she is pregnant as the others slapping her and kicking her stomach (right)

The clip was posted online in early October. It's said to be filmed in a Chinese city.

At least five women can be seen grabbing a young women on the street as they slap her in the face and strip off her clothes.

One raging woman, believed to be the cheating husband's wife, was brutally stamping on the mistress's stomach with her black high heels on.

The mistress shouted: 'I can't take it. I am pregnant!'

The wife, dressed in blue top and jeans, savagely stamps on the mistress's stomach with her high heels (left). The others strip off her underwear and carry on beating (right)

The beating lasts at least three minutes long and the mistress can be seen bleeding from her mouth (left). It's not sure if she is taken to hospital for any treatment (right)

But the women tear off her bra and pants as she tried to resist. The wife savagely punched the mistress in the stomach.

The wife continued to stamp on her stomach for minutes as the other helped to grab the mistress's hands.

The mistress can be seen bleeding from her mouth.

The action was recorded in a three-minute-long video.

No information were disclosed by any police bureau to confirm the beating and it's not sure if the pregnant mistress was taken to hospital for treatment.