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Tributes paid to mother and daughter 'stabbed by schizophrenic son'

The family of Hannah Cohen, 33, (centre) and her mother, Leah, 66, have paid tribute to the 'selfless' pair murdered in Golders Green on Friday. Police have arrested Joshua Cohen, 27 (left).

Police have today removed knives and drug kits from a family home in north London, where a mother and daughter were fatally stabbed.

Leah Cohen, 66, and her daughter Hannah, 33, were found by police shortly after they were called to the home in Golders Green Crescent, at 8.50pm on Friday night.

Following a public appeal, Joshua Cohen, 27, was yesterday arrested on suspicion of the double murders of his mother and sister at their £1.5million home, having been spotted by a member of the public at a nearby park.

Police have arrested Joshua Cohen (pictured) after his sister — named as 33-year-old Hannah Cohen (right) — and his mother, 66, were found stabbed to death at their home in Golders Green, north London

Met Police revealed that Cohen had recently shaved his head and eyebrows and suffers from mental health issues, including paranoid schizophrenia. 

The Cohen family are long-time owners of Beigel Bake, a well-known bakery in East London’s Brick Lane, which is famous for its salt beef bagels.

Photographs emerged today showing drugs and drugs paraphernalia on Joshua Cohen's Facebook page.

One image showed a close-up of a hand holding what looks like buds of cannabis.

While a second picture shows the substance on a chopping board alongside a herb grinder and cigarette rolling papers.  

Police forensics have been seen leaving the scene of the murders with evidence bags

The bags appear to contain knives and drugs kits found at the home in Golders Green Crescent

Police have said the investigation is ongoing as forensics continue to search for evidence

Today, a relative paid tribute to the 'loving and generous' sister-in-law, who would have celebrated her 34th birthday on Wednesday.

Deborah Cohen, who is married to Daniel, 34, and jointly ran a cake-making business, Coco Cakes, with Hannah for the last five years, said: 'My kids absolutely adored her. 

Met Police revealed Cohen had recently shaved his head and eyebrows and suffers from mental health issues, including paranoid schizophrenia

Cohen's family owns Beigel Bake, a well-known bakery in East London’s Brick Lane

Photographs have emerged on Joshua Cohen's Facebook appearing to show cannabis

A photograph showing drug paraphernalia is featured on Joshua Cohen's Facebook profile 

'She was a loving aunt to her niece and four nephews and the older ones loved nothing more than baking with her. 

'She was absolutely selfless and did everything for everyone else. 

'She was the greatest cook. We went over there every Sunday to eat together as a family and she made the most amazing food.'

Cohen, who grew up in a family of five children, seen pictured here in his younger years

The two bodies of the mother and daughter were discovered inside their home on Friday night

Forensic personnel investigate the double murder of a mother and daughter in Golders Green

Hannah had studied psychology at City University London and was a former pupil at the now-closed Carmel College in Wallingford.

Of her mother-in-law, Mrs Cohen added: 'She was loving and generous and a wonderful mother to her five children.'

This morning, a simple message on the company Facebook page stated: 'I'm very sad to say, there will be no more cakes by Coco Cakes.' 

Investigations are ongoing at the family home in Golders Green Crescent, north London 

Police officers question residents in Golders Green Crescent, the scene of a double murder

A photograph taken on Friday night shows ambulances and police cars outside the home

A friend of the family also spoke of his shock following the tragedy.

The man, who did not wish to be named, said his children went to school with siblings Nathan and Rachel. 

He said: 'It's horrible, I couldn't believe it when my son sent me a link to the story. 

'My kids went to school with Nathan and Rachel, they used to get the same coach to a Jewish school in Essex. 

He added: 'They're a really nice family, but I know Josh has struggled for years with his mental illness. 

'It's terrible what's happened.' 

Speaking before the arrest, Detective Inspector Ian Lott from the Homicide and Major Crime Command described the murders as 'a devastating attack on two women in their homes' and said the investigation was ongoing.

One neighbour, 44, who did not want to be named, said he saw Cohen outside the house at around the time of the attack. 

The family own the well-known Beigel Bake in Brick Lane in the east end of London

'He was heading towards the tube station, which is where other people said they saw him wandering around.

'I knew of him - he was a bit of a character in the area because of his mental problems - he was known about, but I don't think anyone knew he had this in him. 

'I don't know the mum's name but I know she was disabled, mentally and psychically I think and she had a lot of help at the house.

'I live right across the road; I've spoken to him and sat on the wall and had a cigarette with him - it was that type of relationship.

'He used to live in the house but there were problems, so he moved to an annexe at the back of the house for a while, but there were more problems.'

A video taken in the road on Friday night shows armed police on the scene and police warned members of the public not to approach Cohen before he was arrested

In a public appeal, Met Police said Cohen had recently shaved his head and eyebrows and suffers from mental health issues including paranoid schizophrenia 

Golders Green Crescent (pictured) has been closed off by police as investigations are carried out inside the house

The neighbour also claimed Joshua's late father Asher owns a bagel shop on Brick Lane, east London.

He added: 'The family were Jewish, but I don't think Josh was interested in it at all from what I'd gathered and the way he looked and acted. 

'It's absolutely sickening, the police presence afterwards was crazy so I knew something had gone on, but once I found out it was his mum and sister I felt sick.'  

Golders Green Crescent has been closed off by police as investigations are carried out inside the house. 

Anyone with information is asked to call the incident room on 0208 358 0200 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.