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School bullies in China can now be sentenced to hard labour

Teenagers in Beijing who are found bullying could face months of hard labour as punishment. 14 students took part in the new hard labour on September 4.

Teens in Beijing who are found bullying could face hard labour as punishment. 

Students detained for bullying in schools in the Chinese capital will have to undergo a form of community service with teachers deciding on whether they should return to the classroom following their punishment. 

14 students involved in bullying cases have been involved in the trial so far including one that had been handed a one year and ten month 'sentence'.  

A young offender delivers a speech in Beijing (File photo) 

The 14 students were handed a tough sentence after being caught bullying

The students range from 15 to 17 years old and had been detained for bullying. 

They started the week trial on September 4.  

After they have finished the hard labour, their schools will decide whether to accept them back or expel them. 

According to The Mirror, Tongzhou Court Criminal Court Director Wei Dan said: 'The original intention of military training is to consciously observe the rules in the future.' 

Punishment includes military training and work in the community such as care homes

The teens will also have to attend legal lectures and attend court cases

Wei told reporters that the girls would like to go back to school to continue their studies but this depends on their performance. 

The new punishment will include military training, counselling and working in nursing homes for the elderly along with court case attendance and legal lectures. 

The purpose of this is to help improve the students' discipline and to help them analyse their behaviour and raise awareness of the law. While working in nursing homes will help them 'get along with others.' 

The court argues that the students will be able to return to school with a better outlook and with better compliance. 

Many people have been discussing the story on Chinese social media site Weibo. 

One user commented: 'People should pay attention to campus violence and punish the perpetrators.' 

While another commented:  'The sentencing is too light. They should be taught a lesson.' 

And one user said: 'These type of people should never go to school.'