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Mum 'hospitalised' and unrecognisable 'after using Nice 'n Easy hair dye'

Lauren Woods says she suffered a puffy, red face after a bad reaction to the home hair dye and was hospitalised three times

A mum claims she was unrecognisable and unable to open her eyes with a swollen head and burnt scalp after using Nice 'n Easy hair dye, she claims.

Lauren Woods says she suffered a puffy, red face after a bad reaction to the home hair dye and was hospitalised three times.

She shared shocking pictures of herself on Facebook, lying in a hospital bed surrounded by wires and on a drip.

Her face almost looks a completely different shape, with her scalp visibly red and painful looking.

Lauren claims her reaction was the result of using Clairol Nice 'n Easy no ammonia hair dye Black 83.

She did a patch test on herself before using the home hair dye - but didn’t have a bad reaction to it, so dyed her hair as usual on Thursday evening.

By Saturday morning, however, Lauren’s forehead had swollen and her scalp had was burnt.

Lauren's face looks red and swollen (Image: Hotspot Media)

Lauren's eyes were 'glued shut' (Image: Hotspot Media)
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After phoning her mum in tears, she was rushed to hospital in Hastings, East Sussex.

Despite being sent home from hospital, twice, over the next few days Lauren’s face and head continued to swell.

After she woke up on Sunday morning and couldn’t open her eyes, she was sent to hospital for the third time and put on a drip.

She posted a picture of the product for sale on Superdrug's website for £2.65 but did not make clear where she bought the product.

Lauren’s Facebook post has been shared over 5,100 times and has a staggering 2,700 comments.

Lauren says she was hospitalised three times (Image: Hotspot Media)
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Lauren wrote a plea to others to beware of home dye. She said: “This is one thing that I thought would never happen to me, but anyone who dyes their hair please make sure you do patch tests and strand tests!

“I did do a patch test myself and nothing came up after 24 hours.

"So, I dyed my hair on Thursday evening and everything was fine until I was about to get into the shower on Saturday morning and noticed how swollen my forehead had gotten - as well as how burnt my scalp is.

“I phoned my mum in absolute hysterics. She rushed over and I then went to the hospital for them to tell me not to wash my hair.

“Hours passed and the swelling had moved to my eyes. I again went to the hospital with my boyfriend to be given steroids and allergy tablets, and to be told the swelling will go down in the next few hours.

“I went home, went to bed, then woke up Sunday morning unable to open my eyes. So I went to the walk-in centre, to which she told me I had to go straight to A&E and I’ve been here ever since.

“The pictures are of me on Friday, then Sunday afternoon on a drip, my face now and the hair dye I used.

“Dying my hair is definitely not worth the amount of pain I’ve been in. I don’t want anyone to have to go through what I’ve had to go through these last few days so please can you share and raise awareness that this isn’t just something you see in the papers.”

Lauren claims her reaction was the result of using Clairol Nice 'n Easy no ammonia hair dye Black 83 (file photo) (Image: Hotspot Media)

She posted a picture of the product on Superdrug's website but did not make clear where she bought the product (Image: Hotspot Media)

Social media users were quick to react to the distressing pictures, with some sharing their own horror stories.

Peter Weeman Ansell said: “I’m sorry for all your discomfort and hope you're healing up well, thanks for highlighting the need to patch test. My missus often uses same brand and doesn't patch test due to this. Reading these comments however I think it wise we do from now on.”

Heidi Cooper added: “It happened to me. I was in hospital for seven days. My whole face, neck, and forehead was swollen, and my eyes. I couldn't see for four days.”

Laura Wilde commented: “This is exactly what happened to me. It took five days to fully come out (delayed anaphylactic shock) and I spent nearly a month in hospital on a heart ward.”

Luvmi Webber wrote: “Oh s***. And here I’m b****ing about the black that came out of a dark brown color I picked. I hope you’ll be okay.”

While Logan Thibodeaux said simply: “That’s crazy.”

A spokeswoman for Coty, the makers of Nice 'n Easy, said: "The safety of the people who use our products is our first and most important priority, so we’re very concerned to hear about Ms Woods’ experience.

"Allergic reactions are very rare and hair colourants are extensively researched to ensure they are safe when used as directed.

"We would appreciate it very much if Ms Woods would like to contact us to discuss the matter further."