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Fire chief, 60, accidentally sends penis selfie to crew including son

Ian Draper, 60, is facing a 'full investigation' from Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue after he accidentally send a WhatsApp picture of his erect penis to his crew in Woodhall Spa.

Ian Draper accidentally sent a picture of his erection to his firefighter colleagues

A grandfather and fire chief accidentally 'sexted' his fire-fighting team a picture of his erect penis meant for his wife.

Ian Draper, 60, sent the explicit selfie to the team - which includes his son Jack - while at work, including the caption 'Mr Smooth' for good measure.

The part-time firefighters were awaiting Mr Draper in a briefing room, when they were stunned to receive the image on their phones, as their boss boasted his penis was 'XXL' while posing in full emergency gear.

A source told The Sun that the crew in Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire, were both shocked and amused.

Jack Draper, left, was among the recipients of the explicit picture, which was meant for Sally-Ann Draper, right.

'The lads couldn't believe their eyes but thought it hilarious.' 

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue has launched a 'full investigation' over the picture, which was meant for 58-year-old postmistress Sally-Ann Draper.

Mr Draper is thought to have mistakenly selected his work group when he sent the picture on instant messaging service WhatsApp. 

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