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Creepy photographs show abandoned Kansas mall days before demolition

Creepy photographs of abandoned Metcalf South Mall in Overland Park, Kansas are revealed. The mall was demolished 50 years after it opened. Photographer Seph Lawless took the images.

New pictures have been revealed of an abandoned mall in Overland Park, Kansas, taken days before it was demolished. 

The mall was just shy of celebrating its 50th anniversary when photographer Seph Lawless captured the final look inside the abandoned shopping center. 

These images highlight the growing phenomenon of failing and 'dead' malls in America. 

The pictures document the spookiness of the deserted structure - once a cornerstone in the community.

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A series of eerie photographs have capture the final look into the abandoned Metcalf South Mall in Overland Park, Kansas

Photographer Seph Lawless was the only person allowed to capture images of the abandoned mall before its demolition began

The mall was built in 1967 and was one of the first indoor malls in the United States. It closed its doors in January 2014

The shopping center was one of the first indoor malls built in America in 1967. Its grand opening was attended by 10,000 people, including Miss America 1966.

The mall would eventually expand into an 800,000-square-foot property with around 60 stores.

Metcalf South Mall finally closed its doors in 2014 and sat empty until demolition began summer 2017.

Department store Sears originally planned to stay open after the mall shut down, but it closed its doors in 2017. 

10,000 people attended the ceremonial grand opening of the mall 50 years ago, including the 1966 Miss America winner 

The pictures document the spooky stillness of the former suburbia cornerstone, which closed its doors in January 2014

The department store Sears originally planned to stay open after the mall was abandoned, but the store closed in 2017

Macy's left the mall in 2014, after more than 10 years of decline because of nearby competing shopping centers

The abandoned mall had been struggling since the early 2000s. Before demolition, the outside of the mall stood intact with no signs of decay

The formerly great 50-acre property fell victim to the 'dead mall' phenomenon, when a mall has no surviving anchor store that serves as entry into the shopping center.

Metcalf South Mall had been declining since the early 2000s. Kmart left the property in 2013, and Macy's abandoned ship in January 2014. 

After competing shopping centers opened in 1996 and 1997, Metcalf South Mall found itself unable to compete and was abandoned in all but name. 

Lane4 Property Group and The Kroenke Group bought the empty mall in February 2014 and are planning an $80million redevelopment.

A Lowe's Home Improvement is expected to open in the summer of 2018, and will serve as the anchor for the new development. 

Candy stores stood empty, no longer filled with happy children on a sugar high and annoyed and tired parents

Two property development groups bought the property in 2014 and have an $80million redevelopment planned for 2018

The once popular mall, a few miles away from Kansas City, couldn't compete with two nearby, more modern shopping centers

Walls began crumbling, leaving trash and plaster scattered on the floor next to a garbage can with a 'no smoking' sign

A Lowe's Home Improvement is expected to open in the summer of 2018, replacing the abandoned Kansas mall

The floors of the mall are covered in dust and trash. Since the mall closed its doors in 2014, no one was there to clean it

Seph Lawless has been photographing abandoned places in America since 2005, Metcalf South Mall included

At its peak, the mall was 800,000 square feet and had over 60 different stores, including Macy's, Sears, and Hancock Fabrics

Lane Bryant, a women's clothing store with a focus on plus-size women, stands empty and abandoned with three x's painted

Gloria Jean's, a gourmet coffee store based in Australia, no longer smells like lattes and espressos and buttery pastries

The Kansas mall was demolished just days before it would have celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017

Miss America 1966 attended the grand opening of Metcalf South Mall in 1967, along with 10,000 other people from around the country