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Brits enjoy starting diets - but can't stick to them for more than a few weeks

BRITAIN is a nation of disastrous dieters who try to lose weight up to three times a year and fail every time, a survey says.

On average, we will start a 189 diets in our lifetime – and almost all of them will be unsuccessful. 

We stick to any healthy-eating regime for just seven weeks in total, with the most weight loss in just the first five days. 

After that it’s all down hill as those aiming to shift more than 10lb achieve just a 5lb loss, most of which will be piled back on after giving up. 

The survey found 55 per cent of dieters say they “always” fail.  

A quarter of men claim to find it easy to diet (26 per cent, compared with just 13 per cent of women). 

Men have more stamina – with 58 per cent claiming they will carry on regardless of any slip-up. 

But 43 per cent of all 2,000 adults polled say they can’t help eating snacks out of boredom, with a further 15 per cent admitting they sometimes don’t even taste them. 

When it comes to the food and drink most likely to tempt us away from our diets, beer (29 per cent) and curry (13 per cent) emerged as men’s Achilles heel. 

For women, chocolate (45 per cent) and crisps (30 per cent) were the ultimate weaknesses.  


A survey suggests we will start around 189 diets in our lifetime, many of which will be unsuccessful

A begrudging 42 per cent of women say they hate it when their partner is more successful on a diet, compared with a more generously spirited 30 per cent of men.

When it comes to where we want to see weight loss, 65 per cent of men reckoned on their stomach, whereas 22 per cent of women would be happier with thinner thighs and 15 per cent wanted to shave a couple of pounds off their hips. 

Surprisingly, 61 per cent of both men and women enjoy starting a diet – but inevitably lose motivation after only a short while. 

Women are more likely to throw in the towel following just one slip with 51 per cent saying once they’ve fallen off the wagon, that’s it.  

The findings were revealed to coincide with a “mindful snacks” publicity campaign from The Laughing Cow processed cheese. 

Alexandra Labaisse, brand manager, said: “By being smarter with snacks you are much more likely to uphold a healthy balanced diet for longer. 

“With so many of us partaking in drastic diets, just one snack can lead to enough frustration to make us want to throw in the towel, causing millions of diets to prove unsuccessful. 

“However, if you ensure that you are planning a variety of enjoyable and ‘mindful’ snacks with plenty of protein and flavour, this won’t only satisfy your taste buds but will also make you feel fuller for longer.”