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Massive 6.6 magnitude earthquake rocks near US Guam as Ring of Fire strikes

A MASSIVE 6.6 magnitude earthquake has struck near the coast of the US territory of Guam, along the Pacific's Ring Fire, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).


A massive 6.6 magnitude earthquake has struck near Guam in the Philippine Sea

The quake occurred near the Yap Trench between the Philippines and the US’ Mariana Islands with a depth of 45km at 12.22am GMT.

No reports have emerged so far of any damage of casualties.

According to the US Tsunami Warning System, no alert has been issued.

It said: “There is no tsunami danger for the US West Coast, Canada’s British Columbia, or Alaska.

“Some of the areas listed above may experience non-damaging sea level changes.”

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology tweeted: “No tsunami threat to Australia from magnitude 6.5 earthquake near West Caroline Islands, Micronesia.”

Guam and the islands of Micronesia are located in the region known as the Ring of Fire – which extends around the Pacific Ocean and is a hotspot for earthquake activity.

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