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BLOWTORCH SUMMER: Two months of 36C heatwaves start this week – but there's a catch

A SIZZLING Spanish plume of boiling air will cause thermometers to skyrocket this week before violent thunderstorms slam the brakes on summer.

Britain is set for a sweltering summer with three months of baking 36C African heatwaves until October, according to forecasters.

Temperatures are expected to start soaring this week with highs of 27C today, 30C on Tuesday and 31C on Wednesday across southern regions.

Even Scotland is predicted to enjoy pleasant highs of 26C by the middle of the week.


SCORCHIO: Boiling Spanish air to set to send UK temperatures soaring from today

This is due to a blast of warm pouring into the country from Spain, where the mercury hit a roasting 47C last week.

But the hot weather will bring the risk of thundery showers as the week progresses with a band of low pressure sweeping south to north.

The Met Office said thunderstorms will hit parts of the south tomorrow before shifting in the Midlands and north later in the week.


STIFF UPPER LIP: Visitors to St Ives in Cornwall brave the weather


MAKING A SPLASH: A beach-goer enters the water in Newquay

“Hot air moved north from Spain to France, and hot air from France is now moving north to the UK.”

Simon Partridge, forecaster for the Met Office

Simon Partridge, forecaster for the Met Office, said: “Monday looks like 27C, with possibly 30C on Tuesday in the South-East and 31C on Wednesday in East Anglia.

“Hot air moved north from Spain to France, and hot air from France is now moving north to the UK.

“But thundery showers are expected on Tuesday and into Wednesday in the South, moving into the Midlands and North on Wednesday."

A long range forecast from The Met Office has predicted hotter than average temperatures between July and September.


LIFE'S A BEACH: The hot weather is expected to last until October

Highs of 36C are forecast this summer as hot air blows in from Africa, The Weather Outlook said.

The Met Office July-September forecast said: “The chances of a very hot summer are increased compared to normal, although relatively low overall.

“There is a shift in likelihood towards warmer-than-average conditions.

“For July-September, above-average temperatures are more probable than below-average.

“The probability UK average temperatures fall into the warmest of our five categories is 30 per cent. The coldest category is 10 per cent.”

The Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze said: “36C highs are on the cards this summer, with warm air expected to blow in from Africa.