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Why Some Homes Sell for $500,000 Over Ask

Almost a quarter of U.S. home sales were above the asking price last year, with an average premium of $7,000. These sellers managed to get a lot more.


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MANSION The Opulent Second Lives of Firehouses

Clint Clemens

These homes have no yards. Originally constructed to house large vehicles, they boast cavernous, dark, interior spaces that often require extensive and expensive reconfiguring. Their common areas sit level with the sidewalk, making it easier for passersby to peer in. For their ardent fans and other nostalgia buffs, though, there is nothing better than living in a firehouse.

Why Even ‘Ordinary’ Homes Sell for $500,000 Over the List Price

Aimee Chase/Vista Estate Imaging

When Bill Malcolm listed his childhood home in August in Sunnyvale, Calif., for $1.688 million, he thought he was asking a lot. But he figured its location close to the headquarters of Apple and Google would command a premium. It did: a premium of about $782,000 above his asking price, selling for $2.47 million a few weeks later. Almost a quarter of U.S. home sales were above the asking price last year, with an average premium of $7,000. These sellers managed to get a lot more.

EBay Finds Unlikely Fans in Luxury-Home Sellers

Starboard & Port Creative for The Wall Street Journal

For the past year and a half, Michael B. Willhoit has had his Springfield, Mo., home—a 3,300-square-foot property that looks like a safari lodge on steroids—listed on eBay . At a time when home sellers have countless options for advertising online, a small number swear by eBay—the 22-year-old internet pioneer that is better known for trading electronics and designer clothing than luxury properties.

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE Gig Economy Grows Up as Lenders Allow Airbnb Income on Mortgage Applications

Ben Margot/Associated Press

Homeowners soon will be able to count income they earn from Airbnb Inc. rentals on applications for refinance loans. A new program—expected to be announced on Thursday by Airbnb, mortgage giant Fannie Mae and three big lenders—will allow anyone who has rented out property on Airbnb for a year or longer to count some or all of that money as income.

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HOUSE OF THE DAY A Hudson Valley House With a Romantic History

Edberg Solutions

This Cornwall, N.Y., home comes with the original floors, moldings, chandeliers and fireplaces.

GREATER NEW YORK REAL ESTATE Nasdaq to Relocate Headquarters to Times Square

shannon stapleton/Reuters

Nasdaq Inc. is relocating its global headquarters from downtown Manhattan to Times Square. The stock-exchange operator, which is home to about 3,900 listings, has signed a 145,000 square-foot lease to move to 4 Times Square, the Durst Organization tower where the company holds its market bell ceremonies.

DESIGN Showing Off Your Books: The Dos and Don’ts

Ryland Peters & Small

It’s no longer considered cute and literary to stack your tomes like the Collyer brothers—those infamous hoarder siblings of 1940s Harlem—not when artful bookshelves beckon.