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WeWork Hunts for New Tenants on Rivals’ Turf

Company lured clients with year of free rent, raising questions about demand; the ‘poach coach’


WSJ Real Estate

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE WeWork, No Longer in a Sharing Mood, Hunts for New Tenants on Rivals’ Turf

Mike Short/Bloomberg News

Executives of shared-office space giant WeWork Cos. have long played down competitive threats, saying that similar companies help the fledgling sector grow. But in recent months the seven-year-old company has changed its tune.

GOP Tax Overhaul Makes Homeownership Less Appealing


The tax-code overhaul wipes out decades-old perks designed to encourage homeownership. Developers of rental housing were largely unscathed and could even stand to benefit. And investors of real-estate investment trusts will have a smaller tax bill on dividends under the plan.

  • U.S. Existing-Home Sales Jumped in November [WSJ Pro]
In America’s Most Middle-Class City, the Mall Is Dying. Here’s Why

Lauren Justice for The Wall Street Journal

The mall is failing in the most middle-class city in America, and it isn’t because its 39,000 residents don’t shop. Wausau shows how an economically thriving community might shop in a post-mall age. No longer are shoppers willing to drive distances to hit a clothing retailer. That is an online task. They are willing, however, to make an event of going downtown.

  • Mall Owners Quarantine Weak Assets Inside New Companies
MANSION A Historic Holland Home Is Transformed

l Herman van Heusden for The Wall Street Journal

A Dutch villa’s landmark status meant its redbrick exterior couldn’t be altered, but that didn’t stop its new owner from creating an elaborate interior for the early-20th-century home during his extensive renovation. Dutch entrepreneur Steven Meester added bespoke furniture, a spa and leather-upholstered stairs to the 1917 home.

Wanda Jackson Helped Put the Growl in Rockabilly

David McClister for The Wall Street Journal

In this week’s House Call, the singer-guitarist reveals how she learned to play rock ’n’ roll with Elvis Presley in his home. Today, she lives in an Oklahoma City ranch house.

  • It’s Like Living in a Snow Globe
  • Miami Beach Estate With Beauty Salon Asks $29.5 Million
  • Developer Larry Silverstein Lists Longtime Park Avenue Home for $13.9 Million
GREATER NEW YORK REAL ESTATE Harlem Fixer-Upper Sets Price Record

Bruce and Holly Williams Brittain

When Bruce and Holly Brittain purchased the shell of a townhouse on Lenox Avenue in Harlem in 2010 for $825,000 it still had flashes of its former glory. The Brittains rebuilt the house, and their efforts were rewarded a few weeks ago, when they sold their three-family house for $4.59 million, a record price for Central Harlem and the second highest price for a townhouse across all of Harlem.

Diller, Von Furstenberg Invest in Co-Working Company

Andy Kropa/Associated Press

New York City-based NeueHouse, a company that offers co-working space with a private club-style membership, has brought on Barry Diller and Diane Von Furstenberg as majority investors.

Bill Seeking Transparency in Affordable Housing Passes New York City Council

Cassandra Giraldo for The Wall Street Journal

The New York City Council approved legislation Tuesday that would make it easier for lower-income renters to find apartments that match their budgets. The measure would require landlords who collect tax breaks and other benefits in exchange for renting apartments at below-market rates to register those units annually with the city’s Department of Housing, Preservation and Development.

  • New York City Landlords Soon Could Be Required to Post Energy Ratings
DESIGN Battle in the Bedroom: When Decorating Gets Personal


The Conflict: A couple buys a Gothic Revival bed frame, but she won’t part with her plastic Kartell nightstand—a gift from her dad that’s stylistically at war with the walnut bed. Three designers propose peacekeeping solutions.

  • 5 Votive-Candle Holders to Create a Holiday Mood