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Starbucks Has A New Holiday Drink And It's Kinda Legit TBH

It's a lot.

The holidays are nigh, so obviously Starbucks has a new Frappuccino to go with the festive mood. 🎉

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From today until Monday, Dec. 11, the coffee chain will be offering a Christmas Tree Frappuccino, that actually kind of looks like one.* 🎄


*If you squint your eyes and shake your Frap from side to side.


The holiday Frap is made with a peppermint mocha crème base (so, it's coffee-free) + matcha whipped cream (!) + caramel drizzle + candied cranberries + a strawberry topping. It's a lot.


A quick scroll through IG showed the green whipped cream could look questionable at best — and we had THOUGHTS on the pink-blue Unicorn Frap — so we knew we had to taste this creation for ourselves.

@actravlr / Via Instagram: @actravlr


Here's what the drink looked like when we got our own version IRL:

Michelle No / BuzzFeed

At our local Starbucks, the Frap cost $5.39 for a tall, $5.93 for a grande, and $6.48 for a venti.

Kevin thought the Frap was interesting, but not a bad interesting — a delicious interesting 🎄.

Kevin Smith / BuzzFeed

Kevin's review: When I first read the ingredients of this Christmas Frap, I was intrigued because there’s no way mint, green tea, cranberry candies, and a cream base could taste good together, right?! Well… I have to admit: it’s NOT BAD. From the first sip you realize that this thing is pretty darn sweet. But you know what? I don’t mind that as much because I have a notoriously intense sweet tooth.

This creation reminds me of an Andes mint (you know, those ones you get after dinner at Olive Garden) mixed with a peppermint patty. The minty sweetness definitely tastes like Christmas. But when you get to the whipped cream, that’s where things get weird. But not bad weird — good weird. The matcha green tea whipped cream is slightly bitter and savory, so it cuts the sweetness. And the aftertaste was delicious. The cranberry candies on top are a nice crunchy touch, too. Overall, I’d say if you’re a lover of Fraps and Christmas, you’ll enjoy this.

Michelle thought it tasted like a tasty ~mint chocolate chip~ Frap (also the crunchy cranberry candy on top was 💯 ).

Michelle's review: I was initially really turned off by the green whipped cream, which had that weird holey texture of whipped cream cheese. But 1) The whipped cream actually tasted pretty good and 2) As someone who loves mint chocolate chip ice cream, I admittedly liked the taste of this ultra-sweet frapp. It's a peppermint mocha, so it's essentially a mint chocolate chip-flavored drink! Just add a shot of rum, and I'm ready for some awkward family hangs.

TL;DR: The drink is great if you like minty flavors!

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Michelle No / BuzzFeed

• The Frap is sweet, minty, and festive AF.

• The whipped cream has the texture of cream cheese, but a nice matcha aftertaste.

•The cranberry crunch on top of the whipped cream is 💯.

  • Would you try the Christmas Tree Frappuccino?

    Obvi, yes.

    If someone else got me one, maaaaybe.


  • Starbucks Has A New Holiday Drink And It's Kinda Legit TBH

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    Would you try the Christmas Tree Frappuccino?

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    Obvi, yes.

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    If someone else got me one, maaaaybe.

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