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WATCH: Shocking moment plane rolls down runway…until a man does THIS

A VIRAL video shows the terrifying moment a parked plane begins to roll down a runway until a brave man steps in.

Aeroplanes are some of the biggest and strongest machines in the world.

So when one started rolling down a runway of its own accord, it makes for a terrifying watch.

However, one brave man stepped in and managed to save the day single-handedly.

Yet it isn't all as it may seem.

The video shows the huge jet slowly rolling backwards on the tarmac.

The airline worker then notices this and runs over to stop the plane from moving.

However, the caption states that the worker was actually at fault after removing the wheel blocks from the wrong plane.

After leaning into the plane himself, he manages to stop it from going any further.


A video captured the moment a brave man stepped in to stop a plane from rolling

That's one mistake he'll never make again

The caption also states that the airport authority is yet to announce whether the employee will be fired over his mistake.

Imgur users questioned this after he stepped in to prevent the plane from moving.

One wrote: “Why should he be fired? He messed up but took control and fixed the situation before any damage was done.”

Although others realised that he had probably learnt from the error, commenting: “That's one mistake he'll never make again.”


The man is seen running towards the plane, managing to stop it

It isn't the only terrifying plane moment caught on camera recently.

A Ryanair plane was filmed landing in frighteningly severe winds at Leeds.

The video shows passengers screaming during the horrifying moment.

Luckily no-one was hurt during the landing.