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WATCH: Shocking moment luxury hotel cleaners use a TOILET BRUSH to wash cups

A SHOCKING video has emerged showing cleaners at luxury hotels in China cleaning guest’s cups and bathrooms with a toilet brush.

A shocking video has emerged showing cleaners at luxury hotels in China using the toilet brush to clean the bathroom, including the cups and glasses.

The report by Chinese website Pear Video used an undercover journalist to show the staff at Shangri-La, Kempinski and Sheraton hotels in Harbin, China.

They can be seen using the toilet brush and bath towels to clean the entire room.

It makes for a disgusting watch.

Pear Video

Hotel secrets: An undercover video has revealed a dirty secret in China

The toilet brush can be seen to clean the toilet before cleaning the sink and the glasses

In the video, the toilet brush can be seen to clean the toilet before cleaning the sink and the glasses.

The glasses can also be seen to be dried with the same rag that is washed in the toilet and bin.

Many of the bath towels are also used to clean the floor.

The validity of the video was confirmed by city authorities in China who have launched an investigation.

Pear Video

Hotel secrets: Housekeeping can be seen washing glasses with a toilet brush

Some of the hotels cost hundreds of pounds a night, with Kempinski costing as much as £370 per night.

Harbin Shangri-La told the South China Morning Post in a statement: “If what was shown in the video was proved to be true, it would be a serious violation of our hygiene standards and it would not be acceptable.

“At the same time, we will also cooperate with local government to properly implement all hygiene measures.”

Kempinski Hotel Harbin told Express.co.uk: “The management of Kempinski Hotel Harbin has investigated the apparent breach of hygiene standards revealed in a recent video recording, as reported in the Chinese media. 

“The investigation found that one member of the hotel’s housekeeping staff deliberately ignored standard hygiene procedures while cleaning a guest room. The employee concerned had previously undergone training on the hotel’s cleaning procedures and had signed a written commitment to uphold our high service standards. 

“The actions revealed in the video are absolutely unacceptable, and the employee has been dismissed.

“Kempinski Hotel Harbin sincerely regrets this serious breach of hygiene standards, and any concern which may have been caused."

They went on to explain that it was an “isolated incident” yet are reviewing their procedures, as the “comfort and safety of our guests is always our primary concern”.

Pear Video

Hotel secrets: The brush can then be seen scrubbing the sink and glasses

Pear Video

Hotel secrets: The bath towels are also used for drying glasses

Shangri-La and Sheraton have been contacted by Express.co.uk for comment.

The problem can be difficult to fix, with many hotel cleaners needing to cover lots of rooms on a low-wage.

Wu Ben, an associate professor of hotel management at Shanghai's Fudan University, told Caixin magazine: "Without the proper detection equipment, one is unlikely to notice dirty bedding and poorly cleaned toilet seats.”