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WATCH: Hilarious moment tourist is slammed by THIS after failed holiday photo

WATCH a viral video showing the moment a tourist is slammed by this whilst trying to take a holiday photograph.

Getting the perfect holiday photograph can be tricky, which one tourist found out the hard way.

The viral video shows a young couple taking the picture in front of the sea which, as it flows under the bridge, causes water spouts to emerge.

They successfully get a photograph together and then walk out of the way for another tourist to get the shot.

Her attempt at a nice picture is less successful.


Viral video: A holiday photo going wrong was caught on camera

As she stands in the perfect shot, a huge wave surges behind her

As she stands in the perfect shot, a huge wave surges behind her.

Whilst creating a fantastic image with the sea spray and large water spouts, it then crashes over her, soaking her in an instant.

As she disappears from shot for a second, she emerges, soaked, as do her companions.

The Imgur video, which has since had nearly 150,000 views, has tickled users.


Viral video: They walk away unscathed from the photo attempt

It was apparently filmed in San Sebastian in Spain, and is called Los Peines del Viento which translates as ‘Combs of the Wind’.

One user wrote: “Never turn your back on the ocean.”

Other people wanted to see how the shot turned out, as it appeared to have been a spectacular image.

Another remarked: “I hope she didn’t blink.”


Viral video: One woman gets a great holiday photo before her impending doom


Viral video: The women emerged soaked

Another traveller had a close shave when near the sea, after being near a huge whale.

They manage to catch the huge whale on camera leaping out of the water before it crashes back in.

After a few moments of silence, a terrifying sight shows it then jump out of the water just inches away.

The viewer is knocked out of their boat, capturing the struggle on camera.