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WATCH: Gut-wrenching moment flight CANNOT land due to Storm Aileen winds

STORM AILEEN wreaked havoc at Amsterdam’s Schiphzl Airport, causing fierce crosswinds for planes coming into land.

Schiphol Airport was hit by 80mph winds as Storm Aileen took hold

Storm Aileen moved from the UK over to mainland Europe, and Amsterdam was in the firing line. 

Schiphol Airport was hit by 80mph winds as the storm took hold. 

Stomach-flipping footage showed a plane coming into land in the treacherous conditions yesterday. 

The flight bounced around in the ominous grey sky as it approached the tarmac.


Amsterdam Airport: Storm Aileen caused 80mph winds at Schiphol

It appeared to pull out of its landing due to the severe winds closer to the ground. 

The next filmed approach resulted in a successful landing, after a very bumpy ride on the way down. 

It’s at the pilot’s discretion as to whether they land or abort landing in crosswinds. 

There are various techniques that can be used to tackle such conditions.


Amsterdam Airport: One plane had to abort its landing during Storm Aileen

One of these is called ‘crab landing’, which involves coming in to land slightly sideways, so the nose is in line with the runway.

There is a crosswind limit built into all new passenger planes which communicates to the pilot whether it is safe to land.

If the crosswinds exceed the limit, the plane will divert to another airport. 

This isn’t the first time weather has made for a difficult landing at the Amsterdam airport.


Amsterdam Airport: This plane landed safely during Storm Aileen after a very bumpy ride

Earlier this year several planes were filmed approaching the tarmac during a fierce storm. 

A KLM Boeing 737 was captured on video tipping back and forward as it came closer to the ground. 

The YouTube user who shot the footage said: “It was raining like crazy and the wind was incredibly hard.”

Another video captured KLM and Flybe jets being rocked from side to side as they came in for an extremely rocky touchdown.