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WATCH: Driver suffers instant karma after dangerously overtaking on wrong side of road

VIRAL video has captured the moment a driver suffered a dose of instant karma after dangerously overtaking a car on the wrong side of the road.

Viral video captured the moment a driver suffered a dose of instant karma

The shocking footage was captured from a car’s dashboard as it wound around a two-lane road. 

Forest lined either side of the narrow winding path, which was separated in the middle by a double yellow line. 

As the car came around a bend, another car suddenly swung out from behind to overtake. 

The black sedan sped out onto the other side of the road, where a line of cars was approaching from the other direction.


Viral video: A driver suffered instant karma after overtaking another car

The driver narrowly avoided colliding with one of the oncoming cars before swerving back into the right lane in front of the car that was filming. 

But the black sedan didn’t quite pull off its risky manoeuvre. 

The driver spun out of control and slammed straight into trees in the forest on the right side of the road. 

Shared on content site Imgur, the video quickly went viral, receiving hundreds of comments from viewers.


Viral video: The black car swerved in front of oncoming traffic

One Imgur user wrote: “What was he/she thinking?”

Another shared: “On top of that, the speed limit was 25 and the guy's dash cam shows he was going as fast as 40.”

A different video showed another driver suffering instant karma after a dangerous overtake.

The footage showed a driver attempting to overtake a car on a bend.


Viral video: The driver lost control and crashed into the forest

As the driver went to overtake, he then braked in front of the car filming, causing the car to try to go around the driver.

The rude driver then started speeding up again so the car couldn’t overtake back.

In frustration, the car stopped and waited for the driver to speed off so he could drive normally again.

The video showed that two minutes further down the road, the car appeared to have crashed in a ditch with the drivers standing outside the wreckage.