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Viewers slam 'emotional abuse' on One Night With My Ex

Viewers of Channel 5's One Night With My Ex were left distressed as Tom, 26, berated ex-girlfriend Amy, 21, after it emerged she had been on a date since they split.

Viewers were left horrified after distressing scenes of a former couple arguing were broadcast as part of a reality TV show.

Last night's episode of Channel 5 show One Night With My Ex, which reunites former couples to see if they can rekindle their relationship, featured Tom, 26, who was desperate to reconnect with Amy, 21, his girlfriend of a year.

While the reunion was friendly to start, viewers were soon left feeling uncomfortable when Tom began shouting at Amy when it emerged she had been on a date with another man since their split. 

Dozens took to Twitter to criticise the show claiming the scenes resembled 'emotional abuse'. Broadcast watchdog Ofcom has received 62 complaints over the episode.

Last night's episode of Channel 5 show One Night With My Ex featured Tom, 26, who was desperate to rekindle his romance with Amy, 21, pictured together, his girlfriend of a year

Criticism: Viewers slammed Channel 5 for airing the segment between Tom and Amy, claiming it resembled 'emotional abuse' and accusing them of broadcasting it for entertainment

One tweeted: 'That was really uncomfortable and terrifying to watch. I don't think you realise what you have just shown in the name of 'entertainment'.'

Another posted: 'I can't believe what I've just watched. You've basically shown emotional abuse/gaslighting as a means of entertainment. Someone should have intervened at some point. I hope she is OK.'

A third added: 'You should be embarrassed for airing this episode. I felt physically uncomfortable watching this.'

Viewers heard that Tom and Amy met online and dated for a year before breaking up. Amy told how Tom would often 'kick off' on night's out and was frequently jealous of her male friends, explaining it was one of the reasons for the split. 

Tom accused Amy of being 'deceitful' and 'sneaky' when she revealed she had been on a date

Under fire: Dozens expressed their disgust at the scenes they witnessed on screen

When it came to discussing their dating lives since the relationship, Tom quickly brushed the question aside. But he was left speechless when Amy revealed she had been for a drink with another man.

'You f***ed it,' he said. Refusing to give her to a chance to explain. As he walked to the toilet, he warned: 'You need to think very carefully about what you say next.'

Later in the episode, he described Amy as 'sneaky' and 'deceitful' and criticised her for changing the password on her phone and sending Snapchats to her ex. 

The episode ended with Tom comforting a tearful Amy and the couple agreed to try again

Concern: Apprentice star Luisa Zissman was among those who was alarmed by the resolution

He accused her of 'f***ing up' the relationship and said she had broken his trust, even though he later told the camera that he never had any intention of walking away.

Amy, who repeatedly tried to engage Tom in conversation, admitted he 'tends to get really heated about stuff' and 'blows things out of proportion'. 

The couple ended the episode by making-up and agreeing to give their relationship another try, with Amy inviting Tom to spend the night with her in the apartment.

It was later revealed that the couple are still together three month after the show was filmed. 

Apprentice star Luisa Zissman was among those who was alarmed by the resolution, tweeting: 'There you go, he's broken her down mentally, and then acts like the big male protector and gives her a hug.' 

Channel 5 declined to comment.