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Tiffany Haddish Dishes on Going to Taylor Swift's Potluck Dinner Party: 'Taylor Can Cook!'

The Girls Trip star also tells Ellen DeGeneres the secret to her "joyful greens."

Since making it big, Tiffany Haddish is enjoying all the benefits of being a superstar comedienne, including being invited to a few star-studded dinner parties.

The Girls Trip actress, who details her difficult childhood growing up with a mother with schizophrenia and her experience in foster care in her new book The Last Black Unicorn, stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday and dished on her recent get-togethers with both Barbra Streisand and Taylor Swift.

Haddish connected with Swift after being the first African-American female comic to host Saturday Night Live, during which Swift was the musical guest.

“Taylor was like, ‘Tiffany oh my God I like you, we gotta hang out!’ I was like, ‘Yes! We gotta hang out girl, let’s hang out,'” she tells DeGeneres before revealing she had a few demands for their potluck party. “I said, ‘Look if I come over you gotta make me some barbecue chicken, some potato salad and a brisket.'”

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With the singer on board to cook the main dishes, Haddish wanted to bring some collard greens from the garden in her South Central Los Angeles backyard. But these weren’t just any old greens, they were her “joyful greens.”

“When I pick my greens, I smile,” she says. “I smile when I pick the greens and then when I wash the greens I smile, then when I cut them up I smile and then when I cook ’em I smile. They called joyful greens.”

That little bit of love she uses to make the veggie apparently made all the difference.

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“When I get over there she got all this food—first of all, Taylor can cook, okay? She can cook, like the chicken was bomb and she made cornbread, bomb so good,” she says. “And then she ate my greens, she was like, ‘Oh my gosh Tiffany I have been wanting greens for so long. I go to all these different places and get greens and they’re never good, these greens are so delicious and I was like, ‘Girl, cause them is joyful greens!”

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Haddish also went on to share more details from her dinner with Barbra Streisand, where she taught her all about rapper Cardi B‘s inspirational message, and the pair connected over their similar upbringings.

“I told her I was from South Central Los Angeles and she told me she’s from Brooklyn,” she says. “And then we found out we both from the hood, we both ghetto chicks except it’s just different times.”

It may seem like Haddish has crossed a bunch of items off her bucket list already but she told DeGeneres that she still has a few dreams—like being able to buy herself a Tesla and some diamonds, and starting her own vegetable business with Oprah Winfrey.

Watch the clip above from Ellen’s Show Me More to see if DeGeneres can make any of those wishes come true.