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The 21 Most Decadently Delicious Places To Beat A Hangover In Scotland

Too much whisky last night? Pop to Babu Bombay for a chicken masala naanwich.

1. The Auld Hoose, Edinburgh

Twitter: @eatslugsmalfoy

These amazing nachos are the the largest in Edinburgh, so you can feast to your heart's content (or your stomach's). They can be made vegan or vegetarian, and this relaxed rock bar also serves burritos, burgers, and a vegan ice cream sundae.

2. Burger 7, Airdrie and Coatbridge


Burger 7 is a Lanarkshire chain that focuses on serving up authentic U.S. style barbecue, like this oozingly sexy waffle burger, made with two burgers, bacon, cheese, Jack Daniel's infused BBQ sauce, and waffles. It'll cure you for sure.

3. Babu Bombay Street Kitchen, Glasgow

Instagram: @https://www.instagram.com/babukitchen/?hl=en

Their legendary masala naanwich features chicken cooked in 20 different spices, served in a toasted naan with red chilli mayo and salad (for health). Wash it down with some zingy ginger and turmeric juice for a next-level hangover cure.

4. Bread Meats Bread, Edinburgh and Glasgow


This award-winning Scottish restaurant is famous for its incredible burgers, but they also do delicious sides like this mound of chips topped with sriracha mayo and sizzling bacon; perfect for chasing away a banging headache on a Sunday.

5. The Old Inn, Dunfermline

Instagram: @theoldinn_

This amazing pub serve up some of the most creative loaded fries around, like their "bastard fries" covered in chorizo and chimichurri. Their fried bockwurst is great too, and resident chefs, Meathammer Ltd, also do truly gigantic burgers.

6. Rascals Bar, St. Andrews

Instagram: @https://www.instagram.com/rascalsbar/?hl=en

This lively St Andrews bar offers hungover punters the chance to build their own burger, so you can basically do whatever you want. And if you crave sugar when you're hungover, their giant freakshakes will definitely cure what ails ye.

7. Rendezvous, Inverness

Facebook: pg

Everyone needs something carby when they've had too much to drink...like french toast, for example. It's eggy, bready, and divine, especially when combined with maple syrup and slabs of bacon at this quirky, vintage, cinema–themed café.

8. Kimchi Cult, Glasgow

Facebook: kimchicult

This roving Korean street food company moved to Glasgow from London in 2014, and they've gone from strength to strength since then. Their huge burgers topped with spicy kimchi are divine, and so are their bibimbap bowls (pictured).

9. Partick Duck Club, Glasgow

Twitter: @NigelBaillie

This popular café in the west end of Glasgow specialises (unsurprisingly) in duck. Their fries cooked in duck fat are amazing, and they also do more conventional brunch options, like mushrooms on toast...topped with a duck egg, of course.

10. Food Story, Aberdeen

Instagram: @foodstoryscotland

If you prefer to cure your hangover with healthier fare, then look no further than this lovely organic café. There's no better antidote to a night of horrific excess than downing a vitamin-packed smoothie, then eating a job lot of superfoods.

11. Blackhorn, St Andrews

Instagram: @weareblackhorn

This gourmet burger company in Fife do incredible things with fresh venison. And their chips are to die for too: they're chunky, thick, and topped with spicy horseradish cream, crispy shredded bacon, and grilled spring onions. Amazing.

12. Boozy Cow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen

Facebook: BoozyCowEdinburgh

This decadent foodie paradise is famous in Scotland for its stacked burgers, and its signature Daffy's Gin, Kamms & Sons herbal liqueur, and passionfruit cocktail makes for a very fancy hair of the dog. You'll feel better in no time.

13. The Bach Bistro, Dundee

Instagram: @thebachbistro

This cute bistro is owned by two Kiwis who recently moved to Scotland, and sells incredibly hearty dishes like this sizzling bowl of eggs, tomatoes, and chorizo, with a side of freshly-baked bread. Thanks for leaving New Zealand, guys.

14. Bloc, Glasgow


This is the "NotDog", a vegan version of a hotdog from one of the hippest bars in Glasgow. Bloc's famous "Mad Chef" also does a great home-made vegan black pudding with tofu scramble, crispy mushrooms, and (of course) tattie scones.

15. Mum's Comfort Food, Edinburgh


This old-fashioned diner lets you choose between six varieties of sausage, twenty varieties of mash, and three types of gravy, so you get exactly what you want. They even have a Moroccan mash packed with cumin, ginger, and paprika. Yum.

16. Mint Patisserie, Stirling.


Waffles cure everything, and the waffles from this lovely wee cafe in Stirling are truly awesome. They make their own signature gelato too, so consider topping your waffles with Irn-Bru ice cream for a truly hangover-busting combination.

17. TriBeCa, Glasgow

Twitter: @TriBeCaWoodGLA

This New York-style diner definitely knows how to do breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Their light sourdough toast topped with bacon and poached eggs is just the right portion size if you're feeling delicate, and they serve fruit smoothies too.

18. Anstruther Fish Bar, Fife

Facebook: Anstruther

Because if any fish and chips are going to cure your hangover, it'll be the fish and chips from the best chippy in Scotland (according to Food Awards Scotland). Plus the sea air will clear your head at the same time. Watch out for seagulls though.

19. Meat House, Dundee


These guys serve up massive portions, like (for example) a whole leg of lamb. In a burger. What more could your hangover possibly want? Also, if it's sunny, you can combine your burger with a welcome breath of fresh air in their outdoor area.

20. Jam Jar, Paisley

Facebook: jamjarpaisley

Few hangovers can survive one of this cafe's massive, slap-up, full Scottish breakfasts, especially you beat it into submission with a strawberry milkshake chaser as well. They also do massive fried egg and mushroom burgers, too.

21. Meltmongers, Edinburgh

Instagram: @meltmongers

Last but definitely not least, we have probably the most reliable cure on Earth: an oozingly delicious, parmesan-dusted, philly steak and cheese toastie, served with sweet potato fries. Meltmongers do lots of other combinations too, and they basically provide a vital lifeline for hungover people in Edinburgh. Get in my face right now.