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Taco Bell's Dollar Menu Is Getting a Major Upgrade Next Year

The fast food chain will add 20 new items in 2018.

This article originally appeared on Foodandwine.com.

There’s very little that Taco Bell could improve upon, in my mind. As far as fast food goes, it’s the best you can get (sorry to all the Chick-fil-A and In-N-Out superfans out there). Its food is crunchy, cheesy, spicy—Taco Bell covers all the bases. There is one thing that could make me love it even more, though: If the menu was even cheaper. It seems as though Taco Bell has heard the prayers of the fast food loving masses (especially those that are on a budget) because the chain is planning to add 20 new items to its dollar menu throughout 2018.

The epic new menu will start to beef up its offerings in mid-December with the Stacker—foldable, portable quesadillas that you can stack up to make one monster quesadilla. More—and new—menu items will soon follow in the new year, although Taco Bell hasn’t yet dropped any hints about what we can expect to see on the new menu.

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Taco Bell has been full of surprises lately: First of all, the chain created a surprisingly wearable clothing line with Forever21 (although the best food-themed clothing line of the year might just be this one by Trolli), and introduced some strange but intriguing menu items, like the KitKat quesadilla, a burrito filled with spicy “popping crystals,” a taco shell made out of a fried egg, and a “French fry burrito.” If there’s anyone we can trust to dream up some envelope-pushing fast food items that people actually want to try, it’s probably Taco Bell. Need another excuse to forget about your diet and eat Crunch Wrap Supremes every day of the week? Some locations of the chain will soon be able to serve alcohol.
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2018 may turn out to be the year fast food chains step up their game: After all, Pizza Hut is now delivering beer and wine, and McDonald’s brought the Happy Meal back to its own version of the value menu.