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Smithsonian Photography contest finalists 2018 – which one gets your vote?

A very contented-looking seal, flouncing around on Düne Island in Germany - one of the 48,000 entries that made it to the finals of this year's Smithsonian.com Photo Contest, with images submitted from 155 countries around the world. 

Readers can vote for their favourite using the above link, and the winners will be announced on the 27th of March. Read on for a selection of Telegraph Travel's picks...

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Credit: Erika Valkovicova

Sardines emerge from a coral wall in cobalt waters just a few yards from the shores of Cebu Island in the Philippines. They move in a single undulating cloud of silver that twists, turns, shrinks, expands and wraps itself around any object that gets in its way. At times, it becomes a thundercloud, blocking out the sun or clapping violently as it suddenly flips its formation to evade a predator.

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Giacomo Marchione

This brown bear successfully captured a salmon in Russia's Kuril Lake. These bears are in a state of hyperphaghia, meaning they are always hungry. They must gain weight before the winter’s hibernation and catch up to 40 salmon a day to achieve that.

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Roie Galitz

In northern Vietnam, people wake up very early to eat breakfast at this weekly market and exchange goods.

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Thong Huu

A ship which has just docked having its hull hosed down in the Netherlands.

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Wiebe Dekker

Gulls soaring over a beach in India cast precise shadows over the sand and water, seeming to double their numbers.

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Vikas Datta

A boatman reading a newspaper on his boat in India.

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Debashis Mukherjee

Again in India, three yaks linger by Pangong Lake.

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Yusuf Chiniwala

A woman at work drying leather on the street near a factory on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

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Erberto Zani

Shot from a plane at 1,000, this appealing image is actually of two industrial ponds on the property of Waste Management, Inc. in New Mexico.

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Jassen Todorov

A spotted deer stag on a cold winter morning in an Indian forest.

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Swaroop Singha Roy

Women hard at work at a salt field in Vietnam.

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Matty Karp

A refugee of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the waters of Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro.

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Fabio Teixeira

"On New Year’s Eve in 2016, a sea cliff collapsed near Kalapana on Big Island, Hawaii. A dramatic stream of lava, called a fire hose, started to shoot out of the cliff. Before the sunrise, I captured this dramatic picture, where the lava cascaded into the ocean, creating steam and lava bombs. The lava stream stopped in March 2017"

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Florent Mamelle

Traders seen though a gap in these market umbrellas in Vietnam.

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Thanh Tran