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Reddit reveals new Home Alone footage about how Kevin got left behind

Reddit user bobcobble has posted new footage from the movie Home Alone, suggesting a new reason why Kevin got left behind on the morning his family left for Paris.

Home Alone has been a holiday favorite for years - but even the most dedicated fans of the film are being forced to look at it in a totally new light after a eagle-eyed Reddit user spotted the real reason that young Kevin McCallister was left behind by his family all those years ago. 

Many will be familiar with the storyline of the festive hit, which sees eight-year-old Kevin, played by Macaulay Culkin, being mistakenly left behind by his family as they jet off to Paris for their Christmas break.

But while the movie suggests that it was an accidental belated start to the day that saw the family forget Kevin at home as they dashed to the airport to make their flight, a Reddit user by the name bobcobble has revealed that he may actually have been destined to be forgotten right from the get-go. 

New evidence: A Reddit user has revealed footage from holiday classic Home Alone that has never been seen before 

Mix up: In the gif, Kevin's plane ticket gets mixed up with some napkins as his dad Peter McAllister cleans up a mess Kevin has made 

Trashed: The plane ticket gets thrown in the garbage can and in the new footage, Kevin's name can be seen written on the top of the ticket 

Indeed, it turns out it was his father Peter's actions the night before the family's frenzied departure that sparked the unfortunate series of events leading to Kevin's failure to leave with his family. 

A gif posted to the Movie Details thread on Reddit by bobcobble shows Peter actually throwing away Kevin's plane ticket in the trash while scooping up a load of drenched napkins after cleaning up some milk which Kevin spilled while arguing over pizza. 

At first glance, nobody would realize that the pile of red napkins was anything more than garbage, however after zooming in on the mound of paper in Peter's hands - and the pile of garbage after it has been thrown away - Kevin's red-wrapped ticket is clear to see.  

Kevin's name can even be seen written on the American Airlines plane ticket in black marker.

And fans of the movie have been responding to this new information in their hundreds, with many suggesting new theories that Kevin's dad had sinister intentions all along. 

User boodleoodle suggested that maybe Kevin's dad had plotted leaving him behind all along: 'What if Peter hated Kevin just as much as Frank did, only he was better at hiding it?'

User moak0 said: 'Let's dispel with this fiction that Mr. McCallister doesn't know what he's doing. He knows exactly what he's doing.' 

Home Alone: Kevin McCallister, played by Macaulay Culkin is left alone at Christmas while his family jet off to Paris

Head count: Many people previously believed a false headcount involving a neighbor was the real reason Kevin missed the flight 

Plot twist: Some Reddit users suggested Kevin's dad had a more sinister plan in mind 

Fan fiction: Another agreed with the theory that Peter wanted to get rid of Kevin 

In the know: Some people suggested that Peter had premeditated throwing the ticket in the trash, joking that he 'knew exactly what he was doing' 

While AleAssociate typed: 'The whole trip was cover for Peter's plan to throw Frank off the Eiffel Tower and make it look like an accident.'

And mcdonlorama suggested: 'You’d think a guy who can afford to fly out his entire extended family to Paris on Christmas would be a little more organized with the ticket situation.'

However, others took the time to comment that the plot of Home Alone would never be possible today: 'Home Alone is one of those movies that would never happen today. 

'You would have a good 30 mins in the security line and another hour or so at the gate to figure it out, not to mention everyone has cell phones so figuring out where everyone went would be easy to figure out,' wrote Kalkaline. 

User waffleboardedburrito added: 'Even just the check in. You'd do it online (if not also on mobile), so there'd be no paper tickets (not in advance anyway), and if they weren't checked in at least an hour ahead of the flight they'd be denied boarding.

'The movie also doesn't seem to address checked baggage. When they're running through the airport, and at the gate, they have no baggage (beyond purses or a backpack or two).

'At this time, there was no advance check in, and they definitely had to check baggage unless 8-12 people were taking no luggage on a trip to Paris,' they added.