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People Are Spending $60 On Unfiltered, Untreated Water And It's Selling Out


The popularity of raw water is rising. So what is it, exactly? It's untreated, unfiltered, natural spring water.


And it's been making headlines lately due to the increase in its popularity and its questionable origins.

Some people are going straight-up gaga over raw water that costs about $60 for less than three gallons.

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You read that right.


We're talking about brands like Live Water that are not only selling out, but are announcing a price increase.

Live Water / Via livespringwater.com

The cost of a 2.5-gallon jug reportedly went up from $37 to $61.

Now the hype of this so-called raw water is getting reactions like this!

Marcus Sounness @paper_collar

Just keeping up with the latest food trends @paper_collar #RawWater #livewater Fresh as a daisy!

08:37 AM - 03 Jan 2018

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And this...

Antonious Caesar II @Knoxy_28

...have you ever wondered why when you go to Mexico of Brazil they tell you to only drink bottled water? Now For 60… https://t.co/blKwGaxQFp

04:35 PM - 03 Jan 2018

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Then there's this poignant perspective.

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Facebook: kaisercj

Although raw-water consumers think they're getting health benefits, there is actually no scientific proof to back that up.

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In fact, food-safety experts say that drinking untreated, unfiltered water directly from the spring could be dangerous.

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