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Our unlucky-in-love girl gives Will the elbow and goes out for drinks with Jamie

BRITAIN has gone batty for online dating – but can you really find love at the touch of a button? This week Sun columnist Tinderella breaks up with Will… and hooks up with an old friend. Will…

BRITAIN has gone batty for online dating - but can you really find love at the touch of a button? This week Sun columnist Tinderella breaks up with Will… and hooks up with an old friend.

Will’s tear-stained collapse has done for us - I’ve broken up with him.

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This week, Tinderella finally calls curtains on her relationship with Will - and finds herself heading for a drink with Jamie T

Once he’d calmed down, we sat on the couch and he confessed to “major trust issues” because his ex cheated on him. I knew she was poison!

Anyway, I was lovely to him but I’m tired of feeling like crap about our relationship.

So I told him he’s clearly not over her and I think we should spend some time apart.

He cried again and begged a bit but I said I needed some time “to get my head straight”.

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Will begs as our girl tells Will she has to get her head straight and for him to sling his hook

That’s what they say on telly and it sounded pretty good. But in my heart, I think it’s over.

He hugged me tightly before he left - urgh, get off - and I harrumphed back down on the couch to text EVERYONE.

My mates all loved Will so I figure they’ll be gutted but Rach is the first to reply: “Oh my god, are you OK? I think it’s for the best.”

Great, they all secretly hated him. I text Jamie T next: “You still at work? Will just accused me of HAVING SEX with you!”

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After letting Jamie T know about the breakup, Tinderella finds herself agreeing to go for a drink with him

Jamie’s straight back: “Huh? That’s mental! Yep just finishing up here. Fancy a drink to tell me all about it?”

I meet him at a pub near the station and spilled my guts.

Stuff loyalty… I rant about Will’s nightmare kids, his boo-hoo fit, me not saying I love him, the huff over Hell’s worst boob selfie.

Jamie sits there sipping his beer and waits for me to draw breath. When I finally pause for air, he simply puts his pint down and says: “Well, he sounds like a f****** lunatic.”


Jamie listens to Tinderella's entire story before saying that Will sounds like a 'f****** lunatic'

The sheer relief of somebody getting it pops the tight balloon of tension in my chest.

I puff out a laugh and say: “Shall we get s***-faced?”

We agree to keep an eye on train times as I buy a bottle of wine (and four Jagerbombs).

We neck the shots then settle into the wine, and there’s a point where the words “last train” are murmured and then forgotten.

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Jamie misses his last train and Tinderella asks if he wants to stay at hers again

“You can stay at mine again,” I say sheepishly. And he kisses me all the way home in the cab.

Back at mine, all the frustration and misery of the last few months bubbles up and I start tearing Jamie’s clothes off.

Like the Sex Pest from the West, I push him down on the bed and straddle him before thoughts of Will can intrude.

I wake up beside him next morning and peer at my phone. Will has texted: “I haven’t slept a wink, baby. I bet you haven’t either. Shall we try again?”

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Like the Sex Pest from the West, our girl pushes Jamie onto the bed and straddles him before thoughts of Will can intrude

Oh god - I clutch my throbbing head and roll over back to sleep.

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