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Model accidentally flashes boobs to camera in X-rated mistake during photoshoot

A BRUNETTE bombshell’s topless shoot on the beach didn’t quite go according to plan.

The short clip shows the woman wearing just black knickers, with a towel emblazoned with NFL team Philadelphia Eagles the only thing stopping her boobs from being exposed.

But when she faces the sea she whips off the towel as well.

The saucy moment doesn’t end well, though, when the model turns her back on the water.

As she dances in the shallows a powerful wave smashes into her – toppling her into the ocean.

And it gets even worse for the hapless babe when the towel lifts up – momentarily flashing her boobs to the camera.


WHOOPS: A model accidentally flashed her boobs to the camera

Drenched and embarrassed, she scrambles back to her feet before the video comes to an end.

More than 20,000 people have seen the footage since it surfaced on a popular video-sharing site yesterday (September 12).

“When will people learn? Shoots on the beach always end badly,” one commented.


CHEEKY: The racy clip has gone viral online

Another wrote: “Her bum is outrageous.”

It’s not the first time models have seen their photoshoots end disastrously with the help of mother nature.

Instagram beauty Tawny Jordan almost got electrocuted after a rogue wave sent her flying into the water – while she was holding a microphone.