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Maasai, migration and conservation: Tanzania snapshots – in pictures

In our weekly look at people’s travels through three of their Instagram images, Marina Vernicos reflects on her trek through northern Tanzania
  • Crowd control

    The Ngorongoro conservation area in northern Tanzania is a world heritage site, home to the vast Ngorongoro crater and roughly 25,000 large animals. Huge herds of wildebeest and zebra traverse its plains during their annual migration.Follow Marina on Instagram.Follow Guardian Travel on Instagram, use the tag #guardiantravelsnaps

  • The Maasai and tourism

    The Maasai living in the region are a semi-nomadic people predominantly reliant on livestock herding. They face a number of challenges to their way of life from land-grabs for game reserves to the expansion of the ecotourism industry.

  • Heading to the crater

    Along the road to Ngorongoro, people from the Maasai villages (manyattas) can be seen in their distinctive clothes taking their cattle into the crater for water and grazing.


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