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Lady Gaga Has Confirmed That She Has Fibromyalgia

"I wish to help raise awareness & connect people who have it."

So, you've probably heard of Lady Gaga, which means you've probably also heard that she has a documentary about her life coming out on Netflix on Sept. 22.


Last week, a trailer for Gaga: Five Foot Two dropped, and it showed her struggling with chronic pain.

Netflix / Via youtube.com

She also talked about her pain at the Toronto International Film Festival, saying, "It's hard, but it's liberating, too."

Netflix / Via youtube.com

But now, she has opened up completely about her illness, confirming that she lives with fibromyalgia — which reportedly affects around 5 million Americans.

xoxo, Gaga @ladygaga

In our documentary the #chronicillness #chronicpain I deal w/ is #Fibromyalgia I wish to help raise awareness & connect people who have it.

Tue Sep 12 11:49:19 UTC+0000 2017

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She also got candid about her journey to find things that help ease her pain.

xoxo, Gaga @ladygaga

Thought ice helped #Fibromyalgia. I was wrong & making it worse. Warm/Heat is better. Electric Heated Blanket, Infrared Sauna, Epsom Baths.

11:59 PM - 12 Sep 2017

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Her tweets were met with support from people around the world.

Maria @marialikespasta

@ladygaga https://t.co/5F9vFvwfBr is a great autoimmune community where tips and advice about dealing with conditio… https://t.co/GX2Gf8QKfN

12:01 AM - 13 Sep 2017

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People thanked her for making them feel less alone in their own journey with chronic pain.

malorie | like limit @glorytogaga

@ladygaga I've dealt with chronic pain for years that doctors can't figure out, It's miserable but thank you for ma… https://t.co/PDtoBU3WGh

Wed Sep 13 00:04:23 UTC+0000 2017

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Thank you for being so open and honest about this, Lady Gaga.

@ladygaga / Via instagram.com

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