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Kim Kardashian's International Women’s Day emojis sum up everything that’s wrong with feminism

IT looks more like a poster for sleazy strip joint than a symbol of the feminist struggle. But the cartoon outline of a naked woman with ‘My Body My Choice’ plastered across her breasts and crotch …

IT looks more like a poster for sleazy strip joint than a symbol of the feminist struggle.

But the cartoon outline of a naked woman with ‘My Body My Choice’ plastered across her breasts and crotch is just one of the trashy KIMOJI’S Kim Kardashian has launched for International Women’s Day.


Kim Kardashian has released a controversial $2.99 'Women's Empowerment Kimoji' expansion pack for International Women's Day

The controversial reality queen - who’s raked in an eye-watering £126.9 million fortune thanks to a seedy sex tape and countless ‘break the internet’ nude shoots - announced she’s “so proud” of her new sticker pack on Twitter earlier today, along with a graphic stating she’s a ‘Full Time Feminist’.

Let’s face it, this really is in the worst possible taste. Thousands of women raged online about how Kim had “sunk to a new low”. One shocked punter summed up the nation’s thoughts, remarking: “Pure trash!”

And, oh the irony! Back in 2016, Kim wrote on her website that she wasn’t a feminist. “Why do we have to put labels on things?” she revealed. “I’m a human being, and I have thoughts, feelings and opinions about a lot of different things.”

Well now it seems that Kimmy is cashing in and isn't afraid to embrace the “label”. And, for just $2.99 at the Apple Store, her gullible fans can, too.

Feminism has suddenly become so tacky that a Kardashian branded form of ‘empowerment’ must have seemed like a good wheeze to the marketing department of Kardashian Inc.


The reality star has racked up a £126.9m fortune thanks to her seedy sex tape and provocative shoots

Andrew Crowley

Journalist Melissa Kite explains why Kim is degrading International Women's Day with her tacky new emojis

Download the new KIMOJI in honor of #InternationalWomensDay tomorrow! 💪 https://t.co/KK3TmDsFh6 pic.twitter.com/EagIFz6Q2G

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) March 7, 2018

It was entirely reasonable of Kim and her money-making team to assume that millions of eager young bra-burners would leap at the chance to part with their hard-earned cash and download a pink and red ‘Kimoji’ bearing the legend ‘Nasty Woman’ or ‘Slay In Your Lane’.

If you are tempted to buy this Kimoji then while you are at it have a browse of her other ones, which include a picture of two female legs with a pair of black knickers round the ankles. Classy.

Hot on the heels of this expected triumph, the omnipresent big-bottomed one probably began working, using the term loosely, on a range of high street fashion and accessories designed to showcase the extraordinary nobility and dignity of female kind.

A Kim K pair of backless leather trousers, perhaps, in which the empowered modern woman shows off her bottom in a thought provoking protest against the patriarchy.

Paper Magazine

Kim famously 'broke the internet' in 2014 after posing nude on the cover of Paper magazine


Kim recently posed on all fours in nothing but a gold thong and glitter

Instagram kimkardashian

Kim has sought inspiration from her racy Instagram pics for her latest emoji line

Oh come off it. We all know that this plays right into the worst kind of misogynist’s hands.

Sexist men love this sort of thing. The worst of them must be sitting in their City offices laughing their heads off at the idea that idealistic young women eager to get on in life are being manipulated in this way.

It seems utterly barmy that any young woman could kid herself that she can make advances in the work place, or anywhere else for that matter, by buying what Kim is selling.

Our Kimmy gives the worst kind of creep exactly what he is looking for: evidence that women define themselves and their worth by how much attention, and money, they can get from showing off their naked body.

Kim Kardashian saying she doesn’t identify as a feminist, then releasing a custom emoji pack for-profit with feminism at the center seems a bit contradictory, and lends one to think perhaps she’s profiting off of it and that’s as far as it concerns her. Hope that’s not the case

— FamousMike⚠️ (@mitchisfamous) March 7, 2018

Feminists paying $2.99 for "feminist emojis" created by Kim Kardashian is the modern women's rights movement in a perfect little nutshell.

— Emily Zanotti (@emzanotti) March 7, 2018

Wow those Kim kardashian "feminist" emojis are pure trash.

— Brad (@UsernameMcgee) March 7, 2018

kim kardashian making feminist emojis isnt bad because theres pics of butts and boobs its bad cuz shes a capitalist trying to cash in on "girl power"

— Sasuke with boobs (@cisjender) March 7, 2018


Kim revealed on her personal website in 2016 that she wasn't a feminist

To me, the irony of Kim Kardashian cashing in on International Women’s Day is so obvious that if the current women’s movement falls for it, then I will have no more sympathy for them, and my sympathy is fast running out.

Marches for equality in which banners are held aloft proclaiming ‘No Country For Old White Men’ are only fuelling men’s sense of grievance against women and making the causes of inequality worse.

Did it never occur to the girls waving these banners that men have rights too? Yes, even old white men, if you want to be racist about it.

The one thing that is certain about women who wave offensive placards denouncing men or who buy feminist emojis that enrich the Kardashian clan is that they are not advertising that they have a very good brain. Their apparent idiocy is an embarrassment to those women who do want to succeed on their merits.


Kim has made millions from stripping off and posing for X-rated shoots


Kim sent the internet into meltdown in January by donning a thong and posting numerous topless pics

Happily, there are lots of sensible women who feel like this. I am heartened to see the backlash on Twitter against the stupid Kim stunt.

As I say, I don’t blame the marketing guys at Kardashian Industries one bit for coming up with the idea of cashing in on Women’s Day. Making women pay for their own desire for equality must have seemed a real wizard wheeze.

Meanwhile, Google has marks International Women’s Day 2018 with its latest Doodle design.

And, here are some inspirational International Women’s Day 2018 quotes – with statements from J.K. Rowling, Michelle Obama and Beyoncé.

Kim Kardashian debuts new pink hair in Instagram clip