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Is this the sexiest air hostess in the WORLD? Russian beauty wins pageant crown

A STUNNING stewardess has been crowned Russia’s most beautiful flight attendant.


PLANE SAILING: Polina soared through the contest to beat hundreds of applicants

Polina Smetanina, who is originally from Serbia, beat 19 other finalists for the highly-coveted first place spot.

Since winning the Top Stewardess 2017 contest, the Aeroflot worker has now received global recognition for her beauty.


PAGEANT QUEEN: Polina was put through talent rounds and a Q&A before being crowned the winner

More than 937 contestants applied to the pageant, with 19 of them making it to the final.

To win the competition, participants had to show-off their own talents. As well as this, they had to win over the audience by telling stories and facts about aviation.


FLYING HIGH: Polina even scored votes from fellow competitors

Unlike other pageants, the competitors did not have to strip down to their bikinis.

Reportedly, even organisers deemed this beachwear catwalk as inappropriate. This wasn’t the only unconventional part of the contest.

The voting system was organised so that both jury members and contestants could have a say in the outcome.

Polina was born in Tomsk but moved to Moscow in recent years.

The champion impressed after telling them the she picked aviation as a career because she thinks of it as something that’s mysterious and unearthly.

She also claimed that she is so beautiful because she loves her job and her happiness is reflected in her appearance.

Polina said: "It is reflected on my emotions, on my face, on everything. Of course I also do fitness."

The pageant winner isn’t the only employee to shoot to fame because of their attractiveness.

In October, we revealed how the world’s hottest pilot has amassed more than 100,000 followers on Instagram.

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