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Is this the raciest 'wedding dress' ever? Designer creates NAKED bridal jumpsuit

WOULD you dare to bare this much skin on your big day?

Gracias un año más, gracias. En el blog os he dejado unas bonitas palabras de agradecimiento. ������������������ #PedrocheCampanadas ✨������

A post shared by cristipedroche (@cristipedroche) on Jan 2, 2018 at 2:25am PST

Brides are getting kookier with their wedding dress choices as they attempt to stand out from the crowd.

To keep up with demands from wives-to-be, gown designers are taking more risks with their bridal ranges.

Bold fashion statements are popular this year, but you’d have to be very brave to wear this sexy wedding garment.


Spanish brand, Pronovias, have come up with a bridal jumpsuit that’s completely sheer.

The outfit was put together by creative designer Herve Moreau and took a staggering 244 hours to make.

We’re not sure if you’d be able to step into a church wearing the racy garment, which is totally see-through save for a few modesty-saving flowers.

If flaunting so much skin wasn’t unusual enough, the material is adorned with hundreds of crystals and lace detailing.

But there is added embellishment around the boobs and crotch area – so you should be able to avoid a major wardrobe malfunction.

A post shared by cristipedroche (@cristipedroche) on Jan 1, 2018 at 3:45am PST

Spanish model and TV presenter Cristina Pedroche modelled the jumpsuit on the label’s Instagram account.

The garment has received a mixed response since it was posted online two days ago.

Some slammed the designer for making bridal-wear that saucy.

One Instagram user said: “I don’t like it, it doesn’t have the elegance that a bride should have.”

Another agreed: “I will not buy my wedding dress from Pronovias.

“This girl is very vulgar I don’t understand how a designer like Pronovias does this, it’s losing a lot of class.”

Even though the majority of commenters weren’t sold on the jumpsuit, some defended the daring design.

One joked: “I could definitely carry this off.”

And others were more focussed on Cristina’s slamming hot body. “I’m so jealous of your figure! Beautiful," added one fan.