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Is Your Boyfriend Actually Gross?

It's time to find out the gross truth.

You might've been with your boyfriend for a long time and gotten used to his weird and kinda gross habits. But do you know how gross he actually is?

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Well, it's time to find out. Send this quiz to your boyfriend or take it for him to find out the gross truth.

  • Picked your nose

    Picked your nose and wiped it somewhere, like on the sofa cushion

    Farted and purposefully smelled the aroma

    And then high-fived yourself after a particularly good one

    Used an old sock to clean up after ejaculating

    Or an old towel

    Or an old anything tbh

    Ejaculated in a communal shower

    Rolled over, ejaculated, and then fallen asleep without cleaning up the mess

    Tasted your own cum just to see what it's like

    Accidentally worn a cum sock

    Accidentally worn a cum sock and just kept it on anyway

    Peed on the toilet seat and not wiped it up

    Peed on the floor because of a double stream and not bothered to clean that up either

    Peed in an empty bottle because there was nowhere else to go

    Peed in the street

    Basically peed anywhere that wasn't a toilet

    Put your hands down your pants to cup your balls for no specific reason

    And then not washed your hands afterwards

    Or smelled your fingers afterwards

    Thrust your hands down your pants in public to "rearrange"

    Worn the same underwear two days in a row

    Worn the same underwear more than two days in a row

    Worn boxers that have so many holes and rips in them that you may as well be commando

    Worn the same gym kit multiple times in a row without washing it

    Left your gym kit in your bag overnight so it left a horrid stench

    Left your gym kit in your bag for longer than a week and basically had to burn your bag afterwards because the smell was so bad

    Not showered after exercising

    Not showered after exercising and then got into bed even though you're all sweaty

    Forgotten the last time you washed your jeans

    Or bedding

    Or towels

    Left your beard hairs in the sink or bathtub after shaving

    Or worse, left your pubes in the bathtub after manscaping

    Or even worse, trimmed your pubes over the toilet and left your stray pubes just lingering around

    Sent a dick pic to someone who didn't ask for a dick pic

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    If Your Boyfriend Ticks Off 24/32 On This List, He's Secretly Kinda Gross

    You're not gross at all! You might've done one or two gross things in your lifetime, but in the grand scheme of things, you're the complete opposite.

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    You have your gross moments, but you're definitely not the grossest guy around. You might cup your balls and smell your fingers afterwards, but tbh who doesn't?

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    Yeah you're pretty gross. You've definitely done a lot of the things on the list and tbh, you're not ashamed of it either. You hold the title of Gross Guy with pride!

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    You basically ticked off the whole list. I don't need to say it, the numbers speak for themselves, but yeah... you're a gross guy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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