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21 Ways To Eat Foods That Undeniably Make Them Taste Better

These are the right ways.

1. This is the correct way to eat a Pop-Tart:

Twitter: @stoneyydope_24

Sides first, saving that sweet, sweet fruit center for last.

2. And the correct way to eat a Twix is like this:

Twitter: @NawRob

Caramel and chocolate first, saving the cookie for last.

3. The 100% right way to eat mac 'n' cheese is by doing this every bite:



4. And EVERYONE knows the right way to eat a chip is by finding the side with the most seasoning and putting that side on your tongue:

Twitter: @tilleybobbles

5. The right way to eat a Kit-Kat is wafer last:

Twitter: @Mega_Beltz

Gotta savor the chocolate.

6. And the right way to eat a Reese's is by eating the outside first:

Twitter: @Steinbukken_

7. This is the only way to eat fries with a milkshake:

Twitter: @damnjavi

8. This is the right way to eat cheese sticks:

Twitter: @JohnParie

Peel 'em up.


9. And it's just basic knowledge that the only way to eat an Oreo is by dropping it in your milk and fishing it out:

Twitter: @michael4tuna

10. Or by using a fork:

Twitter: @mscott92

11. And if you don't save all the marshmallows for last in your Lucky Charms, you're insane:

Twitter: @tshift3

12. This is the correct way to eat Bugles:


13. And the right way to eat a peanut M&M? Chocolate first, then peanut:

Twitter: @gregorytripp


14. And while I'm back on my bullshit, this is the 100% correct and right way to eat Skittles:

Twitter: @RawanAlLangawi

Separate by color and go to town.

15. If you don't decapitate your animal crackers, you might as well not eat them at all:

Twitter: @FreddyAmazin

16. And everyone knows if you got a little paper left, you just got to eat it:


17. If you aren't sucking the sour sugar off sour candy before biting into it, you're just plain doing it wrong:

Twitter: @ni_mah00

18. This is the right way to eat pumpkin pie:

Twitter: @trentjsmith13

19. The only way to eat Twizzlers is to bite off both ends and turn that sucker into a straw:

Twitter: @bob_eeee

20. And this, mon frère, is the correct way to eat ice cream:

Twitter: @themix967

21. And, finally, the only way to eat a sandwich is diagonally:

Twitter: @AmeDyckman


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